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As virtual therapy grew in popularity, Debra Cady took her expertise online and started Silver Linings International . See how she now offers coaching to young adults around the world.

Extreme rainfall has left several parts of the Raigad and Ratnagiri districts of #Maharashtra  inundated; #COVID19  patients in need of oxygen are being rescued in boats. Red alert issued for today and tomorrow. NDTV's Saurabh Gupta reports

Also overhead at the physical therapy office: “I told my fellow PT student I wasn’t getting the vaccine and she totally looked at me judged and I was like, am I judging you for getting it? No!”

Mexico is sending navy ships with food, medicines to Cuba, taking essential items such as syringes, oxygen tanks and masks along with powered milk, staples and gasoline.

Phil Valentine is in a critical care unit on supplemental oxygen, according to his brother.

#France delivers 1.1 million #COVID19  vaccine doses plus medical oxygen to #Tunisia  as part of a “maritime bridge” to the North African country, which is in the midst of one of Africa’s worst coronavirus outbreaks

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It said the ships will carry oxygen tanks, needles and syringes, and basic food items like rice and beans.

Three-legged therapy dog from Maine continues to share inspiration through new book. 'Lucky: Little Guy, Big Mission'

BIO Asia-Taiwan: Cell and gene therapy development changing biopharma ecosystem…


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I'm willing to fund hospitals in India that need funding to import bulk planeloads of oxygen or supplies into India to increase supply. Public hospitals/NGO's also pls reach out @PMOIndia  @MoHFW_INDIA  @timesofindia  @INCIndia  #IndiaFightsCOVID19  @htTweets  @IndianExpress  @GiveIndia 

“It’s my baby, he’s my treasure, he’s my oxygen.” Mother of missing Oxford student Richard Okorogheye, Evidence Joel gives an emotional plea for help to find her son. Get more on this story here:

People often think they’re breathing oxygen, but are actually breathing nitrogen (78%) with a side serving of oxygen (21%) in argon sauce (1%), spiced up with CO2, H2O & a dash of neon & krypton (etc.)

1 lakh portable oxygen concentrators will be procured, 500 more PSA oxygen plants sanctioned from PM-CARES. This will improve access to oxygen, specially in district HQs and Tier-2 cities.

Oxygen plants in every district to ensure adequate oxygen availability... An important decision that will boost oxygen availability to hospitals and help people across the nation.

Four pieces of information in that briefing: a) Trump's fever was "high" b) Trump's lung scans show "expected findings," unclear what that means but c) Trump is on a steroid the WHO recommends only for "severe and critical" COVID cases and d) Trump's oxygen lvls dropped again Sat

The doctors just *cannot* Baghdad Bob their way through the president's active and ongoing hospitalization. That smiling "He's not on oxygen right now" dance?? It's a *bad thing* for the US if the world knows reports on the president's condition can't be trusted. Shameful.

This is what conversion "therapy" can do to LGBTQ+ youth. - @connorfranta 


This is not seasonal flu. I know. My husband has it. He is 52 & has been sick for 2 weeks. He coughed up blood & is on oxygen. Many are worse. Listen to doctors! Trump downplays coronavirus by comparing it to the seasonal flu. It’s not a fair comparison