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hype'>TikTok Hype House's Thomas Petrou Will Migrate if App Shuts Down

hype'>TikTok Hype House's Thomas Petrou Will Migrate if App Shuts Down

A US man who frequently posted about not a wearing mask, calling COVID-19 ‘hype’, has died of the deadly virus. #7NEWS 

Ohio man, 37, dies from coronavirus after claiming the pandemic was just 'hype' in a Facebook post

The hype levels are reaching new heights: Chicago@Chicago_COD  with huge numbers f @OpTic_FormaLom  take the opening Hardpoint@ATLCoD50-160 . down 0-1 as series moves to S&D: | #BeTheHunter  #CDL2020 

Ohio Man Claimed Coronavirus Was “Hype” & Refused To Wear Mask – Now Dead At 37 via @JimHeathTV 

#Rightnowish : D @DAGHE  travels all around the world working with big name artists to help hype up the crowds. Recently, he helped organize a run at Lake Merritt in solidarity with the nationwide-protests in response to police brutality.

'Don't believe in all the hype or the praise' Ole Gunnar Solskjaer warns his Manchester United side against complacency

Including all the drama around the Hype House, issues with censorship and reports the U.S. might ban TikTok


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My hype tune at the mo ... Bitch better have my money ...

Aaron carter i had your album when I was little. And bumped the song Aaron’s party. I was like 7. if you need a hype man I got you.

This baby got so hype when "The Box" came on 🤣

Step One: Hype an invented threat of an invasion of terrorists, murderers, and rapists. Step Two: Send troops to border to address the imaginary threat. Step Three: Justify the WALL as necessary to protect troops sent to meet the nonexistent threat. Step Four: Executive Time!

Yall need to get on the trucker cap hype

I'm so late on the shake it off hype

Am I a bit late on the fight club hype?