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The Biden administration cannot treat Chinese human rights violations only as a foreign policy issue, @SophieHRW  writes. Beijing’s abuses have consequences within the United States, too.

The WWF knew for years that it was funding alleged human rights abusers but repeatedly failed to address the issue, a 160-page report revealed

China urged Australia to "reflect deeply upon itself" as it delivers a massive blow to our wine industry. Beijing has now taken aim over another issue, accusing the federal government of hypocrisy on human rights, following the release of the Afghan report. @Fi_Willan  #9News 

Lot of harm was inflicted on civilians including damage to their properties. Issue of human rights violation should be raised: Rajesh Mishra, BSF IG, Kashmir on being asked if he has any message for international community over multiple ceasefire violations by Pakistan on Nov 13

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Today is #IDEVAW , marking the start of the global #16Days  campaign to demonstrate solidarity, create change, and raise awareness about gender-based violence against women (including domestic violence) as a human rights issue. Learn more from @16DaysCampaign .

"Violence against women and girls is a global human rights challenge. The #COVID19  pandemic has further exposed this issue as a global emergency requiring urgent action." -- @antonioguterres  on Wednesday's Int'l Day to End Violence against Women. #16days 

The creation of a private right of action goes beyond the environmental issue: it's part of a wider fight over the rights of natural persons (human beings) when they are wronged by artificial persons (companies). 12/

"Having an Action Coalition on bodily autonomy and sexual and reproductive health rights is a chance to tackle a core issue of human rights and gender equality." - Executive Director@phumzileunwomen  #GenerationEquality 

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We must raise the issue of human rights because civilians have been badly affected by the unprovoked attack by Pak on India: Rajesh Mishra, BSF IG.

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Human rights issue should be raised against Pak for ceasefire violations: BSF


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David Kramer worked for Bush. I worked for Obama. We wrote this piece together because we believe standing up for freedom & democracy should never be a partisan issue. "Belarus is on the edge of a democratic breakthrough — or a human rights disaster."

This is not a political issue this is a human rights issue. This is systematic racism and oppression at the hands of law enforcement in our country. We want justice and we want change. It shouldn't have happened once and it should never happen again. This is not a discussion.

This is not just a race issue this is a HUMAN RIGHTS ISSUE!!!!!!

Yesterday, on the 35th anniversary of the signing of the Sino-British Joint Declaration, I joined my colleagues in a letter to @UN  Secretary-General@antonioguterres , urging him to raise the issue of Communist China’s human rights violations. Read letter here:

On the anniversary of the Joint Declaration, I joined a bipartisan letter to @antonioguterres  urging the @UN  to raise the issue of China's egregious human rights record & violations of this agreement. #StandWithHongKong  #StandwithUyghurs 

This is a video of Diana Sanchez receiving an “absorbent pad” that looks like a napkin after her water broke in her jail cell. She was then forced go through hours of labor alone. No help. No doctor. No anything. This is an issue of human rights.

A humane society should be able to limit abortion while protecting mothers in dangerous circumstances. Abortion should not be a political issue, used to demonize. Yes, American women have rights. But so, too, do developing cells that will shortly become human beings.

By removing the signature of the United States from the Arms Trade Treaty, Trump joins the ranks of Russia, North Korea & Syria and again retreats from US leadership on an issue of national security and human rights - this time to placate the greed and self-interest of the .

I hope Americans are as insistent on the return of the 2300 kids separated from their parents as they have been against the policy of separation itself! This is truly a human rights issue.

The "adoption" issue is actually 'US sanctions against Russian human rights abusers causing Putin to halt US adoptions of Russian orphans'