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The trainer boss who even has a pair for funerals

The hotly anticipated investors day has come for @GSK  with boss Emma Walmsley set to answer many questions $GSK #GSK 

Former Bosasa boss, Angelo Agrizzi, returns to the #StateCaptureInquiry  this afternoon for cross-examination by businessman Kevin Wakeford's lawyers. Stay tuned to #eNCA  on #DStv403  for the latest. #SouthAfricanMorning 

In January, Andrew Leigh called for Australian billionaires to repay JobKeeper. "If a firm has enough spare cash to give the boss a multimillion-dollar bonus, it doesn’t need taxpayer subsidies to pay its workforce." What's your question? | @smh  #QandA 

Channel 4 boss warns privatisation could cause 'irreversible damage' to broadcaster

Court officers hauled before judge after they're overheard talking to international drugs boss Aram Sheibani

Football: We'll make sure we don't wait another 23 years, says Scotland boss

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The body of the crime boss was carried into Lakemba Mosque by a large group of mourners as police watched on.

Underworld boss Bilal Hamze farewelled a week after being shot dead in Sydney's CBD

Turkish mafia boss who planned to flood Ireland with heroin could be free in months


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We’ve pranked @jasoncundy05  😭 He thought he had an exclusive interview with #RangersFC  boss Steven Gerrard. It was actually @DFImpressionist … 👀 This gets seriously AWKWARD! 🤣🤣 🤝 @MansionBet  • #BeGambleAware 

I know I just supported a raid on where you work. And your boss’s office was vandalized. Sounds like one of your cop friend’s was killed? And you ran for your life as my friends threatened to kill your leader. But, why can’t we, like, get along? C’mon...for the sake of unity?

Andrew McCabe was exposed for who he is today in the U.S. Senate. He was totally destroyed - an ignorant fool. The great people of the FBI must make sure that he and his former boss, James Comey, pay the price for what they have done to the reputation of the FBI.

just watched the trump 60 minutes segment. First, we should be grateful we get to see this stuff, unedited, and before its manufactured. second, anyone saying he "stormed out" are getting high off the cork. He leaves the way every boss leaves: you get no say in the matter.

Let that sink in: the top infectious disease scientist in the US government in the midst of a pandemic needs a security detail because the president’s supporters, egged on by the president - his boss, head of the government - hate him and want him gone.

“Born in the USA” is played at most Trump events. Here is singer-songwriter Bruce Springsteen on Donald Trump. The Boss for the win...

U either a boss or u work for ah boss.

[?? #KYUHYUN  & #SUHO ] Greetings from KYUHYUN & SUHO, currently acting in the musical [The Man Who Laughs] as the character 'Gwynplaine'!? Have a heartwarming winter with the musical [The Man Who Laughs], based on Victor Hugo's original novel! ? Seoul Arts Center Opera House

No, Mr. Attorney General. It doesn’t matter "what kind of assistance." It doesn’t matter whether it helps your boss. Or if it’s dirt, a donation, or a social media campaign. Accepting foreign election help is always wrong – and illegal. Americans decide American elections.

So good to see that Republicans will be winning the Great State of Alabama Senate Seat back, now that lightweight Senator@GDouglasJones  cast a partisan vote for the Impeachment Hoax. Thought his boss, Cryin’ Chuck, would have forced him to vote against the Hoax. A Do Nothing Stiff!