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The Nashville singer-songwriter told HuffPost she's celebrating "living out loud and loving out loud" with new music and performances.

Great Barrier Reef Should Be Listed As ‘In Danger,’ UNESCO Says - HuffPost

HuffPost Life editors share the items they couldn't pass up during the 48 hours of Prime Day '21.

HuffPost Life editors share the items they couldn't pass up during the 48 hours of Prime Day '21.

HuffPost Life editors share the items they couldn't pass up during the 48 hours of Prime Day '21.

Democrats To Introduce Bill To Combat Election Subversion As Part Of Voting Rights Push@PaulBlu  / HuffPost)

A Lawyer For Jan. 6 Defendants Is Giving Her Clients Remedial Lessons In American History@ryanjreilly  / HuffPost)

HuffPost UK reader Nancy wants to know how risky it is to go to a gym, fitness class or use exercise equipment

“Tucker is a very smart guy, so somewhere along the line, he has to be misconstruing what he’s reading.” If you don’t believe HuffPost when we tell you that Tucker’s theory is very very dumb, read @AndrewCMcCarthy ⁩:


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Why do people rage against the rich?👇 Led his company to record profits from his home office. While front line workers risk their lives & lost hazard pay. Kroger CEO Cut Workers' COVID-19 Hazard Pay,Grabbed Record $22.4 Million Package Himself | HuffPost

BREAKING: MAGA fanatic D.J. Rodriquez, who tasered D.C. Police Officer Mike Fanone during the Capitol insurrection, was arrested today in Fontana, California. HuffPost, working with citizen sleuths, revealed his identity last month. Story w/ @JessReports :

ICYMI: Danny “DJ” Rodriguez was arrested yesterday. He electroshocked DC Police Officer Mike Fanone, who suffered a heart attack. The FBI received tips about him in January, but it wasn’t until HuffPost made an inquiry that they contacted a key witness:

BREAKING: Robert Scott Palmer, aka #FloridaFlagJacket , was arrested today. HuffPost, building on the work of citizen sleuths, first reported on his identity in a story on March 5. Story with @JessReports . More to come. #SeditionHunters 

BREAKING: BuzzFeed announced layoffs for the HuffPost newsroom on Tuesday, three weeks after acquiring HuffPost from Verizon Media in February.

"'I’m not I’m not I’m not I’m not I’m not saying anything more. OK?' he said when HuffPost mentioned the video of him throwing a fire extinguisher at the police. He hung up when HuffPost asked if the FBI had been in touch yet." FBI has now been in touch:

Sen. Sinema’s spokesperson said it’s sexist to comment on a female politician’s “body language” or “physical demeanor” when HuffPost inquired about her thumbs down vote on min. wage. Okay. by @sara_bee 

Today I got laid off at HuffPost, after a decade of work I am so incredibly proud of. I am one of 47 of my deeply, beautifully, funny and talented and wonderful and kind colleagues who lost their jobs today. I'm the most sad that we can't all hug each other. (Also... hire me?)

HuffPost has learned that a special meeting of the govt's Covid-19 Operations sub committee - chaired by Michael Gove - was arranged for Saturday afternoon with just one item on the agenda: exemptions for shooting/hunting.

While covering anti-racist protests, police arrested HuffPost reporter Christopher Mathias even though he showed off his press pass.