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Black-throat bushtits were seen feeding on flower nectars in a botanic garden in Wuhan, C China's Hubei Province.

More than 40 self-driving taxis were put into use in an economic zone in #Wuhan , Central China’s Hubei Province. These cars are equipped with BeiDou Navigation Satellite System and 5G technology.

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More than 20,000 plum trees in more than 340 varieties are in full bloom at the East Lake Plum Garden in Wuhan, Hubei province. @asianewsnetwork 

A man in Wuhan, Central China’s Hubei Province, was recently rejected by local government after he left a message on the city’s message board, asking for an arranged wife.

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Wangmucheng Temple, a hot spot for sightseeing, perched on the top of Wangmu Mountain, which is 1,566 meters above sea level, in the northwest of Lichuan City in central China’s Hubei Province. Local people worship Wangmu, or Queen Mother and pray for long life and good fortune

Photo taken on Feb 19 shows cherry blossoms at Wuhan University in Wuhan, capital of central China's Hubei Province.

Spring is on its way! 🌸 Early cherry blossoms at Wuhan University in central China's Hubei Province, adding some pink color to the campus.

As an ancient Buddhist temple built in 1877, Gude Temple in Wuhan, central China's Hubei Province, is famed for a unique architectural style that combines Chinese with Eurasian elements.


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NEW STRAND OF CORONAVIRUS - 56 people have died, over 2000 infected - Cities with combined population of 47 million now in lockdown - First city outside Hubei Province has been put into lockdown - Canada latest country to confirm first case of infection

China will end the lockdown of #Wuhan  on April 8. The #coronavirus  restrictions in most of Hubei province will end at midnight local time. More @business :

If China is reporting honest and accurate information about #COVID19 , why are people so desperate to leave Hubei province?

"I should warn the rest of the world that you guys should take care" Dr Xie Jiang has been fighting the coronavirus in Hubei province, China where the outbreak began

Yesterday marked the largest one-day increase in the Wuhan coronavirus’s spread—14,840 new cases in Hubei province alone. And that’s just what the Chinese Communist Party decided to release—as I’ve said for weeks, the true numbers are much higher.

BREAKING: China reports 254 new deaths and a spike in virus cases of 15,152, after new methodology applied in Hubei province.

Here's the latest on coronavirus: -China death toll at 1,016 with 42,000 confirmed cases -Hubei province removes top health officials -Singapore could see 25-30% drop in tourists this year on coronavirus

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“Please, just let my daughter go past.” This mother is pleading for passage at a police checkpoint in Hubei province, where the coronavirus was first discovered, so her daughter can get cancer treatment at a hospital in Jiangxi.

BREAKING: President Rodrigo Duterte approves temporary travel ban to those who will be coming from Wuhan City and the entire Hubei province of China to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus amidst the confirmed case here in the Philippines. | via @marizumali 

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BREAKING: Total of 52 deaths, 129 severe cases and 1052 confirmed cases of new strand of coronavirus in Hubei Province, China.