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In its economic tug-of-war with China, @Noahpinion  thinks the U.S. can go ahead and let Europe sit this one out-- except for Huawei

🔴 An investigation has revealed that Huawei expatriate employees that marry westerners faced being forced to leave Europe or be sacked

Europe's trust in China waned over the country's handling of COVID in Wuhan, as well as its heavy-handedness in Hong Kong. Now the EU may struggle with its 5G rollout after excluding Huawei from playing a role.

Europe's trust in China waned over the country's handling of COVID in Wuhan, as well as its heavy-handedness in #HongKong . Now the #EU  may struggle with its #5G  rollout after excluding Huawei from playing a role. @ioaseferiadis 

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@laurnorman  @shashamimiA  @drewfhinshawustralia , economically dependent on China, became one of the first to block Huawei. This year, Aussie diplomats crisscrossed Europe connecting China critics and urging Germany to get tougher on China in closed-door meetings. @RachelPannett 

Huawei to build network equipment factory in France as EU battles for tech policy on Chinese company @Huawei_Europe 

Samsung joins the race to fill the Huawei gap in Europe’s 5G development

As the U.S. continues to wield bans and sanctions, Huawei has seen its 5G business in several European markets sabotaged in recent months. Read #XinhuaHeadlines : How can Huawei-Europe 5G cooperation break through politically-motivated restrictions

For American scrubs like me: This is a pretty big deal. Huawei does huge phone business in Europe. And @AntoGriezmann  was grabbed by Barcelona last year in a $145 million deal - the fourth-most valuable soccer trade in history


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Europe is facing a shortage of 756k ICT professionals. For emerging nations, the skills gap is even more acute. That's why we've invested US$50 million in Huawei#ICTAcademy  2.0. Find out more. #HuaweiBlog  #TECH4ALL 

What does Huawei’s manufacturing plant in France mean for 5G development in Europe? Follow us to find out.

Canadian telecom companies turn to Europe in search for 5G building partners. Bell, Telus both say they'll use Nokia and Ericsson as suppliers rather than China's Huawei.

Whether it is stopping Huawei and 5g, stopping the theft of intellectual property, countering Chinese efforts to penetrate Europe, Africa and Latin America-America needs a new comprehensive strategy that involves an all of America approach.

China continues to cheat on its 2014 trade deal with Europe which promised equal access to European wireless companies in China for Chinese access in Europe. In 2019 in China Huawei 73.5% of market,ZTE (also Chinese) 21.2%, Ericsson 3.9%, Nokia 1.4%—this is Chinese notion of fair

Chinese response: Airlifting massive medical aid to Italy. US response: Cutting off flights. Will not be forgotten when US is asking/telling Europe to cut off Huawei.

Ridiculous #Huawei  propaganda and provocative, too: "Huawei wants to help Europe achieve true digital sovereignty in terms of data protection, citizens’ privacy and cybersecurity... Huawei’s 5G is also greener than any other previous technology." Do they assume, we're all idiots?

Huawei secured a commitment to build part of Germany’s 5G infrastructure, cementing its position in Europe’s largest economy despite calls to bar the Chinese company

How Can Europe Keep Pretending Huawei Doesn't Spy for Communist China? Huawei technicians helped African govt's snoop on political opponents. #MAGA  @realDonaldTrump  #AmericaFirst  #Dobbs 

At #EBS2018 , Rotating Chairman of Huawei, Ken Hu shared his vision of Digital Europe and Huawei working more closely together to reinforce Europe’s strengths in digital transformation. Read the details:

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