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@morningireland  We were told 6 months ago the whole point of what we were undergoing was to protect capacity. Now we're told we don't even know what capacity we have. and all the evidence is that it is no more than it was 6 months ago. What on earth has the HSE been doing?

My piece from two weeks ago explaining how the presidential election could be pitched into the House of Representatives, under the 12th Amendment, if there is election chaos. This is the scenario Pelosi wrote about to Hse Dems tonight.

Head of HSE calls on public to 'galvanise' young people in fight against Covid-19

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Head of HSE calls on public to 'galvanise' young people in fight against Covid-19

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Federal appeals court revives Hse Dems lawsuit challenging admin's efforts to use defense funds for border wall. Lower court judge dismissed suit due to lack of standing. Court: "We disagree as to the constitutional claims and therefore vacate and remand for further proceedings"

The HSE says it is looking at allowing virtual appointments for partners of pregnant women, following criticism of #COVID19  restrictions in maternity hospitals.

A group supporting carers is "hugely concerned" about the provisions for home support in the HSEWinter Plan, which was announced yesterday

Hse Sgt at Arms Paul Irving (left) & Senate Sgt at Arms Michael Stenger confer on East Front Steps of Capitol in preparation to escort Ginsburg’s casket inside to lie in state

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Hse hrng today: “Puerto Rico’s Options for a Non-Territory Status and What Should Happen After November’s Plebiscite

The HSE says it is considering 'virtual appointments' for pregnant women, so partners can attend.


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Letter from DoJ to Hse Judiciary Cmte Chairman Nadler. Says DoJ won’t provide witnesses to testify. Says Democratic members “use their allotted time to air grievances.” Says Dems “squandered its opportunity to conduct a meaningful oversight hearing with the Attorney General”

Fox is told the Hse will remain out unless there is a deal. Only Hse cmtes expected to meet wk of Sept 7. Hse may not hold votes until wk of Sept 14. Hse likely to be out all of October until after election

Dem TN Rep Cohen intros resolution for Hse to begin impeachment inquiry into Barr. Has 35 co-sponsors. Says "Barr obstructs justice by favoring the President’s friends and political allies. He abuses his power by using the DoJ to harass, intimidate & attack disfavored Americans"

Through interactions with the Irish government and HSE about critical and immediate support that Ireland needed, I found out that @ALONE_IRELAND  was a charity doing fantastic work looking after older people all over the country.

FBI’s McCabe was expected to appear before Hse to Intel Cmte Tues. Now told he’s not coming. Expect subpoenas to compel McCabe to appear this wk. Source: “McCabe has an Ohr problem”

Fox is told that Hse IT staffer Imran Awan is still on Hse payroll for moment under Wasserman Schultz.

Hse Dems trying to get GOP to allow them to consider amdt to approve money to help block cyber attacks from Russia in election. GOP blocking Dems at each attempt

Colleague John Roberts confirms WH will send a letter to Pelosi saying administration doesn't have to comply with any demands from Congress unless Hse votes to launch an impeachment inquiry.

Tomorrow the semi final stage for sending TDK and Bambino to jail in NH case will reach when I enter the witness box in hse court'>Patiala Hse Court to depose on why Ma, Beta aur Ghulams must go to jail in the NH fraud.

Today I attend birthday celebration in Parliament Hse for Sarojini Naidu, whom Gandhiji called Bharat Kokila. No Congis turned up. Only BJP!