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Yemen government and Houthis agree to exchange 1,000 prisoners: sources

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The internal debate over whether to label the Houthis terrorists pits Iran ultra hawks against officials who view the move as inconsistent w/ the US goal of a peace deal for Yemen that includes the Houthis. W/ @missy_ryan ⁩ @nakashimae ⁩

Germany imposes a ban on the sale of model aircraft engines to Iran after a shipment was used in drones by the Houthis in Yemen to attack Saudi Arabia

At #UNGA , President Hadi of Yemen called on the international community to end the suffering of Yemenis through “decisive and active” pressure on “the Houthis and Tehran,” and implementing #SecurityCouncil  resolutions that demand an end to the conflict

#Yemen's president urges Houthis to allow humanitarian aid


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2- The Houthis are an indivisible part of #Iran  ’s Revolutionary Guard Corps#IRGC () and subject to the IRGC’s orders. This is confirmed by the #Houthis  targeting facilities in the Kingdom

1/ Okay, in a few tweets I'm going to try to explain what's going on in Yemen today, so you have some knowledge to counter this claim that America needs to bomb Iran because the Houthis bombed Saudi Arabia. It's complicated, but now you need to know.

10/ Over time, a dangerous game of escalating behavior has developed. Saudis kill a bunch of Houthi civilians, then the Houthis launch an attack in Saudi Arabia. The latest attack on the Saudi refinery follows a Saudi attack on Dhamar prison which killed 100 people.

11/ Bottom line: the Saudis sowed the seeds of this mess. They marginalized the Houthis in the 80s and thru the 2000s wars. They bungled the prosecution of the post 2015 conflict. Houthis/Iranians have blood on their hands too, but the U.S. should not be a part of this disaster.

8/ The cholera outbreak (the result of water treatment plants being destroyed) is the worst in recorded world history. Houthis refuse to let food & medicine reach contested areas. Saudis drop bombs on hospitals and school buses. Bottom line - it's the ugliest war on the planet.

And yesterday’s attack on a civilian airport in #SaudiArabia  by the Houthis using cruise missiles supplied by #IRGC  should be blamed on #Iran  as well.

Just In; A US drone tracked Iranian boats closing in on the 2 tankers prior to attack Thurs. Iran spotted the MQ-9 & launched a SAM missile but missed. Missile fell into sea Days earlier a Reaper shot down in Red Sea by Iranian backed Houthis. None of this been announced.

1.8 million children in western Yemen are malnourished and 400,000 are fighting for their lives because of food shortages caused by fighting, says UNICEF. A Saudi-led coalition has been bombing and blocking imports to topple local Houthis from power.

Obama sends billions to Iran. Iran sends aid to Houthis in Yemen. Houthis fire missiles at US Navy ship. Does this make any sense?