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Lizzie Borden was accused in 1892 of brutally killing her father and stepmother and later acquitted. The unsolved crime still draws many to the house where the murders happened. Now it’s for sale for $2 million.

In 1892, Lizzie Borden was accused of a heinous crime: hacking her father and stepmother to death with a hatchet. The unsolved mystery still draws many to the house where the murders happened. Now, it's for sale for $2 million.


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Meanwhile... “The House Where Lizzie Borden's Family Was Murdered Is Up for Sale”

Another moderate Democratic House freshman just came out for impeachment: Rep Lizzie Fletcher of Texas.

LIZZIE FLETCHER WINS: Democrat dethrones 9-time incumbent Rep. John Culberson in Texas US House District 7

Lizzie @Lizzie4Congress  and I just finished a rally here in Houston for her critical House race:

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You can buy Lizzie Borden's house for $795,000

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Lizzie making me lasagna bolognese for my birthday weekend and damn does this house smell good....holy moly

Blood will stain the walls of the Lizzie Borden house once again on tonight's NEW #Supernatural  at 9/8c!

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