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New: Donald Trump has been formally served with lawsuit related to the Capitol attack. Formal notice that Rep. Bennie Thompson, Democratic chairman of House Homeland Security Cmte, has sued him was received by certified mail in February at Mar-a-Lago. @kpolantz  reporting

Head of DC's Homeland Security & Emergency Management Agency speaking to House Homeland Cmte now: "We believe we can achieve security in our city -- and specifically on Capitol Hill -- w/o making permanent the current razor wire fencing & armed troops surrounding the Capitol."

ONLINE: 11am - Senate Homeland Security Cmte Meeting on Alejandro Mayorkas Nomination 12:30pm - White House Press Briefing w/ @PressSecPsaki  Jen Psaki@AmbRice46 & @SenKamala  @SecondGentlemanHarris4pm  - & get COVID-19 Vaccine 4:45pm - President Biden on Fight to Contain the COVID-19 Pandemic

Four House Cmtes have opened a joint review of the insurrection at the Capitol on Jan 6: - Intel Cmte - Oversight Cmte - Judiciary Cmte - Homeland Security Cmte They’ve asked relevant agencies for documents and briefings to conduct the review:

Rep. Bennie Thompson, chair of House Homeland Security Cmte, suggests Ted Cruz + Josh Hawley could be put on a no-fly list. "There's no exemption for being put on the no-fly list. Even a member of Congress that commits a crime.... What Hawley did and what Cruz did was horrible."

Homeland Security Cmte Chair Thompson to USSS: I write to you stunned, disturbed, and furious at the sight of federal authorities tear-gassing peaceful protesters in Lafayette Park, outside the White House, last night

Top GOPer on Homeland Security Cmte Rogers: I spoke w/..Trump. He agreed..the decision by..(HHS) to house those Americans exposed to Coronavirus at the Center for Domestic Preparedness in Anniston is the wrong decision. President Trump had no advanced notice

NEW: House Homeland Security Cmte. Chairman Thompson requests for review of whether to begin providing US Secret Service to top 2020 Democratic presidential candidates.

NEW: House Homeland Security Cmte. Chairman Thompson requests for review of whether to begin providing US Secret Service to top 2020 Democratic presidential candidates.

LIVE: House Homeland Security Cmte. holds hearing on domestic terrorism; FBI Director Wray and Acting DHS Sec. McAleenan testify.


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House Homeland Security Cmte Chair@BennieGThompson  has sent a letter to the House Sergeant at Arms re GOP members bringing electronics into SCIF asking for SAA to take action against those members involved in the breach

BREAKING: US House Homeland Security Cmte. has issued a subpoena to the owner of the extremist message board 8chan "for testimony related to the cmte.'s ongoing oversight work on countering extremist content on social media platforms." - @AlexNBCNews 

JUST IN: House Homeland Security Cmte. Chair Thompson and Ranking Member Rogers demand 8Chan owner Jim Watkins appear before committee to answer questions about extremist content.

JUST IN: After Special Counsel Mueller's statement today, House Homeland Security Cmte. Chairman Thompson says he now supports impeachment for President Trump: "It is time for Congress to perform its oversight duties."

As of 2pm today, Kirstjen Nielsen has left DHS, per House Homeland Security Cmte chair Thompson. All the positions at DHS with no permanent leader: Secretary Deputy Secretary Under Secretary for Management CBP Commissioner ICE Director Secret Service Director FEMA Administrator

House Democrats are preparing a counteroffer to President Trump that would "meet or exceed" $5.7B for border security, according to House Homeland Security Cmte. Chairman Thompson, but no funding for the building of “new structures” - /

A botched tsunami test message went out today on the East Coast as an actual tsunami warning. This comes on same day as House Homeland Security Cmte holds hrng on emergency warning system following debacle in Hawaii a few weeks ago