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In today's Point, a look at the protests outside the house of @toddkaminsky  - and plans for more - and the other efforts against the LI State Senate Dems.

House Dems urge Senate to move forward with negotiations on next COVID relief bill

House Dems urge Senate to move forward with negotiations on next COVID relief bill

One thing Dems might’ve considered before zeroing our all their legislative leverage is that there aren’t separate ballots for House and president. It’s just one ballot, and Barr won’t be looking for hanging chads.

Dems coming with torches to the house of a faithful catholic is really nothing new. 🤷‍♂️

Can we expect that House Dems will be prepared to impeach again if Trump remains in power but Dems take the Senate?

House Dems seek to curb presidential power with new bill targeting potential abuses

The Protecting Our Democracy Act continues House Dems’ work to root out corruption and make government more accountable. I am glad that this legislation includes provisions to protect IGs and whistleblowers, which I have been pushing for.

House Dems have passed bills #ForThePeople  to lower health care costs, raise wages by rebuilding America, clean up corruption in Washington & strengthen our democracy. The GOP Senate continues to stand in the way of 340 bipartisan bills. RT if you agree it’s time for them to act.

Court-packing wasn’t the only Democratic miscalculation this week. After @realDonaldTrump  ripped House Dems over farm aid, Pelosi had to retrench on the budget bill. Briefly Bipartisan: House Dems, GOP Agree On Can-Kicking Budget Bill (VIP Only)

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Most relevant

The Democrats in the House are trying to undo my big win Travel Ban Bill, which successfully keeps very bad and dangerous people out of our great Country. Passed along party lines. Hopefully, will be DEAD in the Senate! The Dems have gone Stone Cold Left - Venezuela on steroids!

When Pres. Trump rails against Dems for doing nothing, he may be confused by how government works. I will explain. If you pass bills in the House (gun control, election security, etc.) and they die in the Senate the do nothings are McConnell and his fellow Republicans.

Remember when Pelosi was screaming that President Trump is a danger to our nation and we must move quickly. They didn’t get one Republican House vote, and lost 3 Dems. They produced no case so now she doesn’t want to go to the Senate. She’s all lies. Most overrated person I know!

.....shouting of the F...word, among many other terrible things, and the petrified Dems run for the hills. Why isn’t the House voting to rebuke the filthy and hate laced things they have said? Because they are the Radical Left, and the Democrats are afraid to take them on. Sad!

Remember Republicans, the Democrats already had 17 witnesses, we were given NONE! Witnesses are up to the House, not up to the Senate. Don’t let the Dems play you!

Crazy Nancy wants to dictate terms on the Impeachment Hoax to the Republican Majority Senate, but striped away all Due Process, no lawyers or witnesses, on the Democrat Majority House. The Dems just wish it would all end. Their case is dead, their poll numbers are horrendous!

“We demand fairness” shouts Pelosi and the Do Nothing Democrats, yet the Dems in the House wouldn’t let us have 1 witness, no lawyers or even ask questions. It was the most unfair witch-hunt in the history of Congress!

Congress & the President should not be wasting their time and energy on a continuation of the totally partisan Impeachment Hoax when we have so many important matters pending. 196 to ZERO was the Republican House vote, & we got 3 Dems. This was not what the Founders had in mind!

Why should I have the stigma of Impeachment attached to my name when I did NOTHING wrong? Read the Transcripts! A totally partisan Hoax, never happened before. House Republicans voted 195-0, with three Dems voting with the Republicans. Very unfair to tens of millions of voters!

The House Democrats were unable to get even a single vote from the Republicans on their Impeachment Hoax. The Republicans have never been so united! The Dem’s case is so bad that they don’t even want to go to trial!