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French actress Monna Delza is the epitome of late Edwardian style as she poses with a faithful hound for a new portrait, The Tatler, 6 July 1910 #SaturdayStyle  #CostumeHistory 

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A hero hound has saved his masters from a devastating blaze that ripped through their Magill townhouse. They escaped with only the clothes on their back, just in the nick of time. @pcaldicott7  #7NEWS 

Aww, remember poorly hound dog Elvis? Supervet: Puppy Special looks back at his and lots of other incredible tales. #Supervet 

hound'>Fox Hound would recommend this customize PS1 edition there! 🎮🕹️👾

I wonder what the famous authors,politicians,sports people, vile media are scared of when they hound , Harass and psychically and mentally abuse trans people Is it because they are ignorant, frightened or just plain old nasty All I think

This week's Humane Society of West Alabama Pet of the Week is Danny. Danny is a one-year-old Labrador/hound mix who is looking for a home. For more info call 205-554-0011 or email at humanesw @yahoo .com.

“This administration has effectively crafted a new weapon to brand and hound any perceived enemies of the state... [A] law so vague on the definition of ‘terrorism’ can only worsen attacks against human rights defenders."-Amnesty International Asia-Pac Director Nicholas Bequelin

Been a great tonic to compose. Buzzing to go back to the first band I formed ‘high vibes’ as a hound 18 year old. The tracks are gonna be vibraphone led with heavy grooves and horn section. Very exciting. Thank you…

Blue sky, green grass, happy hound. #Nevada 

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. @NHLFlyers ⁩ playoff flashback: BobHound’ Kelly gets to fill up his Corvette after his Stanley Cup-clinching goal via @PhillyInquirer 


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Revised recommendation for Roger Stone requires House Dems to get MUCH tougher with their oversight DOJ. Pols like @KamalaHarris  should hound Bill Barr on the airwaves. Stepped up oversight could shake loose DOJ whistleblowers, which we need. New piece:

What would a nonviolent mass uprising by 800,000 federal workers look like? Sit-ins. Takeover buildings. Shut down all air travel. A human “wall” at the WhiteHouse. Hound Mitch McConnell so that he has no sleep, no lunches w/ lobbyists. Refuse to show up for work. I’d join that!

When they talked about ‘wanting their country back’ they should probably have added ‘ that we can wave goodbye to Northern Ireland, insult Scotland, impose economic sanctions on ourselves & hound out members of the Royal family who won’t dance to our racist tune.’

I am sure the media will now hound every Democrat to denounce this statement as racist. Right?


The Trump Administration is now trying to figure out how to cave. From a “Huge Beautiful Wall” to “Slats” to “an unpainted non-contiguous picket fence with hound dogs every 45 miles with lasers on their heads.”

George Conway (who?) failed to get a job in the Trump administration and is now a disgruntled publicity hound. As I said earlier, this guy has no problem publicly humiliating his wife. That’s the only reason the lib media is slobbering all over...

The MainStreamMedia’s priorities are “ass backwards”. Rather than falling over themselves following Stormy or her attention hound lawyer, they should be covering Sec of State (pending) Pompeo‘s historic meeting with Kim Jung Un. #If-It-Bleeds-It-Leads 

burnie is the cutest OG pitbull and hound mix. Idc what anyone has to say. burnie is life