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Just a snoozly dog hoping you have a restful Friday.

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Joe Biden's campaign is hoping to open a new front in the battle for Michigan this November by attacking Donald Trump's handling of auto jobs.

Only one in three Black adults who need mental health care are getting it. The Confess Project is hoping to help by training barbers to become advocates.

My $VIRT long Nov 30 calls are on notice. If the stock closes here or anywhere below $24, then I'll likely close these out on Monday morning. Hoping a bounce is in store! #ASO  @allstarcharts 

Sold half of our long $HD Nov 280 calls for a double at the open today. Holding the rest "risk free" and hoping to enjoy a ride! #ASO  @allstarcharts 

Bench guys hoping for bigger deals, job security in ‘bubble’

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If you were hoping to have your next $1,200 stimulus check by now, you're out of luck

ICYMI: A 45-minute rally took place Thursday in Nogales, with participants hoping the Trump Administration will loosen up some rules regarding immigrants seeking asylum.


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Auckland! Gutted that we couldn’t find a way to make the show work but hoping to see you all in the future x

Mini Mike Bloomberg just “quit” the race for President. I could have told him long ago that he didn’t have what it takes, and he would have saved himself a billion dollars, the real cost. Now he will pour money into Sleepy Joe’s campaign, hoping to save face. It won’t work!

STAY WOKE: I understand that people want to get back to normal. But normal is toxic for us. Keep your knee on these politians and keep them working in our collective interest. Continue to post, inform and complain. They’re hoping you go back to posting bullshit that don’t matter.

For the record,I insisted contractually I would never earn a penny from DRFC. I simply wanted to help club& community.Still hoping I can

Imagine being president of a whole country and spending your Sunday night hate-watching MSNBC hoping somebody--ANYBODY--will praise you. Melania, please praise this man. He needs you.

Thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes. Means a lot. Blessed and hoping we can continue to change the world together. Thanks

Last year was nominated and this year they’re nominated AND performing! Here's a special S/O to ARMY and who they’re hoping to run into tonight! #BTS_BBMAs 

Hoping for a New Years kiss from either @ashton5os  @luke5sos  or @michael5sos  or usher

Hoping to get the payroll tax cut approved by both Republicans and Democrats, and please remember, very important for all countries & businesses to know that trade will in no way be affected by the 30-day restriction on travel from Europe. The restriction stops people not goods.

Good morning Mr. President. It would never have occurred to my mother or my father to ask me. Were you giving our country away? Hoping not.