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Tills ringing as Hongkongers start spending HK$5,000 e-vouchers

🏠 Hongkongers fleeing the Chinese security crackdown are snapping up properties across Britain – but they are not laying down roots where you might expect

To the hilt: Edgar Cheung’s Olympic gold has Hongkongers ready to take a stab at fencing

Coronavirus exposes cracks in Hongkongers’ retirement planning as health care costs and weak savings dominate worries, EIU survey finds

No spectacle, no fireworks: Legco is getting work done, but Hongkongers are losing interest without opposition sound and fury

‘Foreign forces’ have long undermined Hongkongers’ patriotism: Lam

Hongkongers fleeing to UK shrug off return of stamp duty, rising home prices

Okinawa emerges as an option for Hongkongers seeking a haven closer to home

"It’s hardly to be criticised for being this unapologetically partisan, a film 'by Hongkongers' (as the first end-credit reads) that’s also, in every respect, for them"


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Visionary leaders Johnson and Trump are making [dodgy] "refuge" offers to Hongkongers they call "pro democracy". No such refuge is on offer to the millions of Libyans, Iraqis, Palestinians whose societies have been subverted or destroyed by the West.

The CCP just passed the #HongKong  national security law. This is a horrible blow for the freedoms that Hongkongers were promised under the Basic Law. The House must pass @ChrisVanHollen 's and my Hong Kong Autonomy Act ASAP to hold the CCP accountable.

The #HongKong  Autonomy Act is law! This reaffirms that we, as a nation, #StandWithHongKong . Punishing sanctions are coming for the communists in Beijing that are crushing the basic rights of Hongkongers. Appreciate @ChrisVanHollen 's partnership and @realDonaldTrump 's support.

@ChrisVanHollen 's and my bipartisan #HongKong  Autonomy Act is now on its way to the president to be signed into law! With our bill, the CCP will learn there are ramifications for repressing Hongkongers’ freedom. President Trump should sign this bill ASAP. We #StandWithHongKong .

'Hidden language': Hongkongers get creative against security law

‘Hong Kong, the only enclave of freedom in China, is being eclipsed by tear gas, rubber bullets, live rounds, police brutality and torture; but still Hongkongers march on.’ My piece for the Hong Kong Free Press @HongKongFP ⁩

The Chinese Communist Party must know there are consequences to destroying the freedom of Hongkongers. My bipartisan Hong Kong Autonomy Act (S.3798) will deliver those consequences. See more:

"Hongkongers have risen. They’re finally waking up and protesting." Lomi was one of the 2,000 protestors trapped inside Hong Kong's Polytechnic University when police surrounded it in November. This is what it was like inside the battle for Hong Kong.

Anson Chan: Having failed to win the hearts and minds of the majority of Hongkongers, Beijing’s repressive tactics are destined to foment the resumption of protests as the threat from Covid-19 eases

The very fact that the protests are still ongoing suggests an acceptance by the populace. Yet the Hong Kong government hold most of the cards in finding real practical solutions, much to Hongkongers' frustration.

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