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Democracy books disappear from Hong Kong libraries days after Beijing imposed a draconian national security law on the finance hub

Residents of Hong Kong, deeply concerned by Beijing's new security law, are seeking safety and freedom in nearby Taiwan.

Hong Kong’s political elite - right up to leader Carrie Lam & others who back Beijing’s crackdown thru new national security law - have foreign passports, cash and homes abroad, while condemning same countries in which they’ve guaranteed themselves a haven

Beijing’s passage of a sweeping national security law last week has heightened fears of its tightening grip over Hong Kong. Here's what to know.

The National Security Law appears to mark the end of Hong Kong’s autonomy from Beijing. Michael C. Davis discusses the new powers granted to the Chinese security state:

Books by prominent Hong Kong pro-democracy figures have become unavailable in the city's public libraries, days after Beijing introduced sweeping national security legislation, according to online records and one activist

After a new law passed that would give China more power over Hong Kong, resentment towaird Beijing is growing in the semi-autonomous city. Opposition leader Lee Cheuk-yan joined @scottdetrow  to discuss.

Economy first, politics second: is this a pragmatic way out for Hong Kong – and Beijing, too?

The leader of Italy’s leading populist party declared on Friday that China’s communist regime has nothing in common with Italian democracy, condemning the left-wing government’s silence in the face of Beijing’s crackdown on Hong Kong.

Beijing appears to be betting that, with the West divided and impoverished as a result of COVID-19, there will be no appetite to damage Hong Kong’s continued standing as a global financial and business centre offering easy access to the Chinese market |

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All freedom-loving people stand with the people of Hong Kong as they confront Beijing’s campaign against freedom. With my signature, the #HongKong  Autonomy Act goes to the White House. The sanctions included within it are critical to holding China accountable.

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Chairman Xi and his Communist thugs once again show their disregard for Hong Kong’s promised autonomy and freedom. There must be consequences for Beijing’s tyrannical actions against the people of Hong Kong.

Historic turnout in local council elections in Hong Kong. The result: A landslide vote for freedom, democracy, and continued autonomy from Beijing. The people were heard loud and clear. Now their leaders need to listen.

All freedom-loving people in the U.S. and around the world are inspired by yesterday’s historic vote in #HongKong ! The people of Hong Kong cast their resounding vote for democratic freedoms and autonomy, which must be fully respected by Beijing.

Grateful to @POTUS  for signing our bipartisan legislation to stand up for the brave people of Hong Kong and hold Beijing accountable. The United States of America stands with Hong Kong.

It’s time for Beijing to see their appalling tactics in Hong Kong have real and direct consequences. The Senate should pass the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act and consider additional ways to hold the CCP accountable.

Beijing’s soldiers in Hong Kong made a rare appearance on the city’s streets to clear protesters’ roadblocks, raising questions about the army’s future role there

After my #HongKong  bill passed #China  warns us to “rein in the horse at the edge of the precipice” & stop interfering in an internal affair But its Beijing which is at“the edge of the precipice” & special treatment for Hong Kong is a U.S. internal affair

Senator Marco Rubio stands with the brave Hong Kongers advocating for Hong Kong to maintain its long-cherished and promised autonomy and freedoms against Beijing's interference. The full Senate will soon be passing Sen. Rubio's #HongKongHumanRightsAndDemocracyAct 

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Indian government advises TV networks not to broadcast anything that "promotes anti-national attitudes." In less than a week, India's government and security forces have already killed more protesters and taken more restrictive measures than Hong Kong and Beijing did in 6 months