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11 year-old Honestie Hodges' handcuffing by the police in Grand Rapids, Mich., caused a national uproar and led to a new law enforcement policy on dealing with youths. At 14, Honestie died of Covid-19. #RIP 

The GRPD's "Honestie Policy" was named after Hodges, who died of COVID-19 in late November.

Honestie Hodges was “a fighter and always has been,” according to her grandmother. But when Honestie took a COVID-19 test on her 14th birthday she faced a fight she could not win. Read more about the lives of those lost to COVID-19:

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honestie hodges'>Remember Honestie Hodges, who at age 11 was handcuffed by the Grand Rapids police, even though she had done nothing? She noted that a white kid in such circumstances would never have been handcuffed. Honestie is now dead from Covid at age 14. RIP.

Honestie Hodges, 14, died on Sunday in a children's hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan, her grandmother said


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She was abused by police at 11. She passed away from Covid at 14. America failed this girl. Her name was Honestie Hodges.

She was handcuffed by police outside her home at age 11, sparking national outrage. “No, No, No!” she pleaded with officers, who were looking for a 40 yo suspect. Three years later, at 14, Honestie Hodges is dead. Of #COVID19 . by @glennrifkin 

A young girl held at gunpoint by Grand Rapids police three years ago has died from coronavirus. Honestie Hodges was 14. Police handcuffed her outside her home in 2017 while looking for a suspect, sparking outrage, but no officers were disciplined. (Photo: Family/GoFundMe)

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Honestie Hodges, who was handcuffed by the police outside her home in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in 2017, has died of Covid-19. She was 14.

“I have a question for the Grand Rapids police: If this happened to a white child, if her mother was screaming, ‘She’s 11,’ would you have handcuffed her and put her in the back of a police car?” Honestie Hodges survived that, but did not survive Covid-19.

At 14 years old, Honestie Hodges was placed on a ventilator and died of COVID-19 complications, her family said.