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Op-Ed: Learning from the pandemic about what works against homelessness (via @latimesopinion )

Happy Cats Haven‘s goal is to be a solution for feline homelessness, whether it’s rescuing and finding forever homes or facilitating spays/neuters for both inside and outside ones.

We got a look today of Denver’s first safe outdoor space for women and those that identify as transgender who are experiencing homelessness. 22 ice fishing houses will be able to accommodate 30 individuals with shelter, electricity, bathrooms, showers, heat and other services.

A Los Angeles architect suggests that the solution to the city’s affordable housing and homelessness crisis might lie on the 18th green: Redevelop the golf courses

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan announced a new interim director to oversee the city's Human Services Department Friday. Helen Howell will lead the city's response to homelessness, while the city looks for a candidate to fill the permanent position.

Some Los Angeles leaders are pushing for more substantial action to try to slow the growing homelessness crisis.

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During his campaign, Biden made sweeping promises to the LGBTQ+ community, including pledges to pass the Equality Act, end the transgender military ban, reinstate guidelines that prevent anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination, and combat LGBTQ+ youth homelessness.

Toronto police are investigating a suspicious death at a midtown shelter opened to allow physical distancing for those who are experiencing homelessness.

#FridayFact : Did you know that for young people without a high school diploma or GED, the risk of homelessness is almost 3.5 times higher than those who do? Learn more here:

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Most Montgomery County residents surveyed said they want the police department less involved in homelessness, addiction and mental health.


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Our governments should invest in instant homes to address homelessness

If we can afford to give $740 billion to the Pentagon, please don’t tell me we can’t afford to eliminate homelessness in America and cancel the rent during a pandemic. Instead of more bombs and more missiles, we need more jobs, more rent relief and more affordable housing.

Trump's not alone. Over a three-year period, the top 1% avoided $800 billion in taxes. That's enough to: 🎓Make public colleges tuition-free 👩‍👦‍👦Eliminate child hunger 🚰Provide clean drinking water to all 🏡End homelessnessYes. The 1% have got to pay their fair share of taxes.

You earn £82k per year. You pay £9 per month for Spotify, £10 for Netflix And £8.33 per month in your subscription to: Free healthcare Free education Properly funding the NHS Lifting children out of poverty Ending the climate crisis Ending homelessness

Why do we spend more on the military than the next 11 nations combined? I have a better idea: Cut Pentagon spending by 10% and invest it in the fight to end homelessness, hunger and poverty in the richest country on Earth.

While there’s no silver bullet to solve the homelessness crisis, I‘ve introduced a bill to help increase the supply of affordable housing. Everyone deserves a safe and dignified space to call home. Let's work to make that vision a reality.

Turns out the government could always abolish homelessness at a stroke. It just had to want to do it.

Say Bill Gates was actually taxed $100 billion. We could end homelessness and provide safe drinking water to everyone in this country. Bill would still be a multibillionaire. Our message: the billionaire class cannot have it all when so many have so little.

Dear citizens, Is removing terrorism more important or removing Modi? Is removing poverty more important or removing Modi? Is removing homelessness more important or removing Modi? Why is the Opposition basing their campaign on removing Modi? Intellectual bankruptcy?

Instead of wasting $18 billion on a border wall we could: --End homelessness for 500K+ Americans --Rebuild Puerto Rico's electric grid --Cover damages from Western wildfires --Fund CHIP for decades