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Blasting cow waste with lightning could cut its methane emissions, according to Norwegian company N2 AppliedRead the full thread:

Holy shit Spiderman presales BEAT Avengers Endgame and The Last Jedi Scalpers are selling spiderman tickets for up to $25,000

Holy moly the volume in $TQQQ is off the charts. $16b today, $64b for week (2x old record). There's a total freakout / tug of war going on in Nasdaq-related ETFs, meanwhile $SPY is elevated but not that crazy. Usually it's much more relatively correlated but not today.

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I’ve been withholding tweets on the subject for days but holy shit does it seem the Michigan family fucking sucks ass

Blasting cow waste with lightning could cut its methane emissions, according to Norwegian company N2 Applied.

Two of the four people with knowledge of the matter described the car as an electric holy grail for Toyota which has struggled for years to come up with a small EV that is both competitive on cost in China and doesn't compromise on comfort.

Joe Biden Mispronounces Glasgow as ‘Glass Cow’ at COP 26 Climate Change Summit; Gets Mocked [VIDEO] #businessNews 


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You are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously, y'all. Stop it.

???Holy Shit! Biden is compromised Audio evidence of Hunter Biden admitting to being in a partnership with the “Spy Chief of China” and he admits his father knew. CNN ran with Melania’s “secret tapes.” Will they cover this? RT so they can’t ignore!

Pardon my language but HOLY SH*T!!! @jimmyfallon ⁩ as if I couldn’t love you any more!! @bts_bighit ⁩ @BTS_twt ⁩ are huge @WWE ⁩ fans!! ??? Hope one day we can meet!! You’re amazing Jimmy Fallon! @FallonTonight ⁩ #BTSArmy 

Holy cow. The city of DC is out here on 16th steeet behind the White House painting BLACK LIVES MATTER onto the streets — that it owns — stretching all the way to k Street.

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Jesus was not a white, American man. The U.S. flag is not a symbol for the Church or for Jesus. The National Anthem is not a holy hymn. Slavery was not a “necessary evil.” The oppressor even tries to control the response to oppression. The truth will make us free.

it’s not black peoples’ job to educate you on how to not be a fucking racist. be a fucking grown up and a decent human being and let people focus their energy on their community not on babying you. holy fuck.

there’s ANOTHER year? holy shit how many of these things are there

Ramzan Mubarak! I pray for everyone’s safety, well-being and prosperity. May this Holy Month bring with it abundance of kindness, harmony and compassion. May we achieve a decisive victory in the ongoing battle against COVID-19 and create a healthier planet.

HOLY SHIT. In just the last 30 minutes we learned that: Travel from Europe is going to stop for 30 days. Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson have tested positive for coronavirus. The NBA season has been suspended.