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Feeling called by the Holy Spirit to share her spiritual journey with others, Panyard wrote “Stalking Michelangelo” and included in her book her award-winning photographs of Renaissance art from all over the world.

$TMDX Small "holy grail" bull flag setup with a small volume shelf. Chart courtesy of @TrendSpider 

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The motions of the sea, the moon, the stars, the trees the birds, the bees, all the animals, the heavens the earth, planets the whole creation DECLARES HIS HOLY NAME THANK YOU GOD FOR OPENING MY EYES, I WAS ONCE BLIND BUT NOW I SEE.

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At one point a loaded handgun suddenly appears in the bathroom. Holy Chekhov—are they being manipulated? #AntonChekov 

Went for a walk at lunch and realized this is not the Pacific Northwest I grew up in. Gone are the 70-80 degree summer days with gentle breezes and cool evenings. Holy humidity, batman!

From Terry Mattingly: During the 12-day conference, conservatives from Africa, Asia and elsewhere declined to receive Holy Communion with openly gay and lesbian bishops.

🔴 The IDF will reportedly reinforce the infrastructure of Joseph's Tomb, in Nablus, to protect it from being damaged after a number of violent incidents took place in the West Bankholy site. #Israel  | #WestBank 

NCPC boss: Pilgrimage should not see holy land as tourism but spiritual exercise


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Black Republican pastor running for Congress just dropped an ad where he fights the KKK with an AR-15. HOLY SMOKES 🔥🔥🔥

???Holy Shit! Biden is compromised Audio evidence of Hunter Biden admitting to being in a partnership with the “Spy Chief of China” and he admits his father knew. CNN ran with Melania’s “secret tapes.” Will they cover this? RT so they can’t ignore!

Praying during the holy night of Lailat al-Qadr for the safety and well-being of our Muslim brothers and sisters in India🤲🏼 IN 🕌Let's spread awareness to this shameful situation! What is happening to the human rights in the so-called largest democracy in the world? #BreakTheSilence 

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Just been to watch 'bad moms' ! Holy shit that was funny . Love your work mila .

Holy shit. I just remembered I was in Twilight.

?HOLY, WOW? Unprepared@AOC  tries to come at Former ICE Director Thomas Homan. She gets eviscerated. It's unfair. It's hard to watch. Total savage flex by Homan at the end. AOC *literally* left speechless. I've never see a member get more completely & embarrassingly destroyed.

Wishing Muslims in Canada and around the world a blessed & peaceful holy month of #Ramadan .

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Our 2nd album is available for pre order. holy shhhiiieeettttt

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Dude ISIS is bombing Muslim people in Muslim communities during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan how is ISIS Muslim no they're psychopaths