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Seemingly overnight, HK is visibly and viscerally different: Parents whispered about whether to stop children from singing a protest song, while activists devised coded ways to express now-dangerous ideas. @vwang3  @yuenok  @elaineyu  @tmaytweets 

This is not my field, but this seems relevant in a discussion of China's HK policy.

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Opinion: Western media is misrepresenting the details of the #HongKong  law #CGTNOpinion  #HK  #CGTNFirstVoice 

#GE2020 : Candidates running for Jalan Besar, Jurong, Kebun Baru, MacPherson and Marine Parade constituencies will speak tonight in the Constituency Political Broadcast. Tune in at 7pm SG/HK to watch

Charity drive moves Hongkongers to donate HK$10,000 pandemic payout to help needy, neglected groups

Armenia, MPG poll: IKD/KP~EPP|S&D|RE: 76% (+5) BHK-ECR: 8% (-8) LH-RE: 6% (+2) HYD-S&D: 2% HHK-EPP: 2% (-1) HK-*: 1% (new) HKK~GUE/NGL: 0% (-1) HAK-RE: 0% ST-*: 0% +/- vs. Dec 2019 Fieldwork: 10–27 June 2020 Sample size: 1,002

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Inside Beijing's plan to enact a national security law for HK

Security law will 'hasten descent' of HK as global financial hub

Law may be open to abuse and difficult to apply, say HK lawyers


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Under the new anti-democracy “law” imposed by #China  on #HongKong , the Communist Party can now arrest someone visiting HK for what they say have said or written anywhere in the world.

On one side, you have a repressive regime crushing democratic freedoms in #HongKong . On the other, you have young people speaking out for freedom & democratic reforms. Proud to stand with @RepMcGovern  in support of today’s bipartisan votes showing the House’s commitment to HK.

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Two big lessons from what the Communist Party is doing to #HongKong : 1. They will sign virtually any deal because if/when it suits them they will break any commitments they have made; 2.What they are doing today to HK is what they have in mind for #Taiwan  down the road

If #China ’s rubber stamp legislature moves forward on Thursday with blowing up “One Country,Two Systems” in #HongKong  @StateDept ⁩ will have no option but to certify that HK is no longer autonomous & sanctions should follow

Beijing’s announcement of yet another attempt to bring an end to the “one country, two systems” framework in #HongKong  is deeply alarming. Attempting to circumvent the HK legislature shows a complete disrespect for the rule of law.

Troubled by the ongoing violence in Hong Kong. The overwhelming majority of HK citizens aspire for greater political freedom—it’s time for Leader McConnell to allow a vote on the bipartisan Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act of 2019.

The violence & oppression of the HK police attacking innocent students & activists at HK campuses has been shameful. To all the dissidents taking a stand against this brutality & for freedom: I will continue to support your fight for freedom. via @NBCNews 

Finally, some good news. Two more Filipinos have recovered from COVID-19 and is now discharged from the hospital. Only two Filipino COVID-19 positive patients remain in hospital isolation. | via Philippine Consulate General in HK

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Excellent to see @realDonaldTrump  #StandWithHongKong  & sign the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act, which includes my bill calling for reevaluating privileges for #HongKong  in light of encroachments on HK's autonomy by the Chinese Communist Party.

On @FaceTheNation : What's happening in Hong Kong is inspiring. We've seen over 2 million people standing up for freedom, for democracy & standing up against the oppression of the Chinese communist regime. It is very much in America’s interests to support freedom fighters in HK.