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A large Hindu temple in central New Jersey allegedly forced laborers to work for $1.20 per hour

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Hundreds of marginalised workers from India were recruited to build a massive Hindu temple in New Jersey where they were forced to work long hours for low pay in violation of US labour and immigration laws.

In an unprecedented show of brotherhood that reaffirms the syncretic soul of Ayodhya, a Muslim cleric who is part of a lone Muslim family in Hindu-dominated Rajanpur village in Ayodhya district won the gram pradhan election with a thumping margin.

Remains Of Hindu Man Buried As Muslim In Saudi Brought Back, Says Centre

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FBI agents were at a large Hindu temple in New Jersey on Tuesday as a new lawsuit claimed it was built by workers from marginalized communities in India who were lured to the U.S. and forced to work long hours for just a few dollars per day

Remains of Hindu man buried as Muslim in Saudi Arabia brought back to India: Centre to HC

Workers lured to US from India paid $1.60 per hour for years to build Hindu temple, lawsuit claims

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Hindu Sect Known as BAPS is Accused of Using Forced Labor to Build New Jersey Temple

A lawsuit says workers from marginalized communities in India were lured to New Jersey and forced to work more than 12 hours per day at ultra-low wages to help build a Hindu temple.


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Are the ancient Hindu myths of a land bridge connecting India and Sri Lanka true? Scientific analysis suggests they are. #WhatonEarth 

My wife is Indian. She is Hindu, and she is incredible in every way. She has taught me so much about her culture and religion. I love and admire her so much, and as you can see we have fun together. Happy Karva Chauth to everyone!

Ishkaran has written to food ministry that since HALAL CERTIFICATION is allowed, so should “Dharmik Certified” be allowed for food made Sanatan Dharma norms. We have a test case of Chennai Police sealing a Hindu shop for declaring “dharmic” food only. Art 14 case.

Ishkaran is drafting a legal notice to Deepika Padukone & producers, if they have changed name of accused from Muslim in real life to a Hindu name. That is defamation. For details follow @Ish_Bhandari 

If a Christian CM can be responsive to Hindus’ vociferous demand on Tirupati land auction but a Hindu CM takes over all the temples in the State and appoints himself as Chairman, has Hindutva gone off the rails?

In 1947 India was under no obligation to allow Muslims to settle in India because Partition was, according to Indian Independence Act passed by House of Commons, for a Hindu ruled India and a Muslim ruled Pakistan. Settling in India does not give Muslims any special rights

26/11 Terror Act was a ISI & UPA joint operation to launch Hindu Terror operation and ban RSS. It fizzled because a brave Policeman caught Kasab alive. All ten others were killed. They were dressed as Hindus would be. A new investigation necessary.

It was my great honor to host a celebration of Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights, in the Roosevelt Room at the this afternoon. Very, very special people!

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I do not hate the Anti CAA agitators since their violent agitation are expanding and solidifying Bhindu'>JP’s Hindu voter base

When Junaid dies,media says he was killed for being Muslim.So why not say those killed in #AmarnathTerrorAttack  were killed for being Hindu?