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Also omitted from the CPC list is India, where resurgent Hindu nationalism has led to the persecution of the nation’s minority faiths.

The 'Hindu Hrudaysamrat Balasaheb Thackeray Maharashtra Samruddhi Mahamarg’ is a six-lane access-controlled highway. It is the second expressway in the State after Mumbai-Pune Expressway.

@Sanju_Verma_  lists instances when the Congress party 'berated and mocked Hindu Aastha'. Prof. Sangeet Ragi, Political Analyst also shares his views. Watch@thenewshour  Special Edition with @roypranesh 

Assam MP Maulana #BadruddinAjmal  also ruffled some feathers by indicating Hindu men do not have it in them to reproduce when they wed at 40 years after enjoying a near-conjugal life with more than one woman.

#FranklySpeakingWithSadhguru "There is no national language in India because states have been divided on linguistic basis. There was a promise that one language won't be put above the other", @SadhguruJVs  take amid the brewing 'Hindu imposition row'. @navikakumar 

Jai Shri Ram vs Jai Sia Ram | Analyst@GeorgekurianINC  explains context of Rahul Gandhi's statement Activist@RahulEaswar  shares his views Rahul Gandhi only uses Hindu gods and godesses only to serve his cheap politics: BJP's @CharuPragya  #Congress  #RSS  #BJP  | @AnchorAnandN 

He is the same person whose party had filed an affidavit, saying Lord Ram doesn't exist. Has he apologized to the people? NO! We all know he becomes a 'ChunaaviHindu': @CharuPragya  hits out at #RahulGandhi  after he targeted BJP-Sangh ('Jai Siya Ram' slogan row). @DEKAMEGHNA 

'Opposition competing with PM Modi to be better Hindu': AIMIM chief #AsaduddinOwaisi 

It's in Hindu mythology, which clearly shows that whoever is responsible for the destruction of our system...people used to call them 'Bhasmasura'. So, in the interest of the nation...: Congress' VS Ugrappa 'justifies' his 'Bhasmasura' jibe at PM #PMModi  #VSUgrappa  | @roypranesh 

Hindu Yuba - Chattra Parishad, Asom has lodged a complaint at Nagaon Sadar Police Station against AIUDF chief Badruddin Ajmal for his remark on Hindu girls.

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#Mumbai: Man murders Hindu wife for refusing to wear burqa, follow Islamic tradition.

As opposition compares Hindu India to Nazi Germany, Harsh Gupta Madhusudan gives it back to Shashi Tharoor in a debate. | Watch: #BTIndiaAt100  #IndiaAt100  @sardesairajdeep  @ShashiTharoor  @harshmadhusudan 

BREAKING: Rishi Sunak is new UK Prime Minister. He’ll be the first British-Asian PM & first Hindu PM, and at 42, the youngest PM in modern times. I’ve backed @RishiSunak  for a long time, think he’s the right guy for the job, and wish him every success.

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In Gujarat, India, Muslim men are publicly flogged as crowds chant Hindu nationalist slogans. Where are the police? Take a look at the scene.

The bulldozing of Muslim homes is showing that India is “transitioning pretty brazenly into a criminal Hindu fascist enterprise”, says author Arundhati Roy | #AJOpinion  ⤵️

In 26/11 Mumbai Terror act, all those who came were decked as Hindus with tikka, radraksh mala, arm bracelets etc.. The idea was they would all be killed and then Hindu Terror would be blamed. But fortunately Kasab was caught and the Pakistani ID established.

We use “Muslim” too loosely. A large part of Muslims in India are peace loving and Hindu friendly. Thus Shias, Bohra, Khojas, Ahmediyas, etc., should not be lumped with the mad Wahabi Sunni Muslims. See how peacefully these have accept Ram Mandir verdict!

India 1947: Hindu Muslim Hindu Muslim Meanwhile world: moon landing, computers, internet, artificial intelligence, cellphones, smartphones, apps. India 2020: Hindu Muslim Hindu Muslim

It was my great honor to host a celebration of Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights, in the Roosevelt Room at the this afternoon. Very, very special people!

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The true Nazis are the Nazi soldier’s daughter led uprising on a lie that CAA is anti Muslim! If you are pro Hindu then you must be anti Muslim. If you are pro Muslim you are secular