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The foundation stone plaques unveiled by #AmitShah  in the presence of Chief Minister B.S. Yediyurappa had information only in Hindi and English. The banner on the dais stated contents of the programme only in Hindi

Former Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy & Congress MLA Sowmya Reddy hits out at BJP over Plaque inaugurated by Home Minister Amit Shah. RAF Plaque had inscriptions in Hindi & English. @RevathiRajeevan  brings you a report. Join @SiddiquiMaha  on #BrassTacks 

Congress MLA Sowmya Reddy hits out at BJP over Plaque inaugurated by Home Minister Amit Shah. RAF Plaque had inscriptions in Hindi & English. BJP imposing Hindi & testing patience: Sowmya Reddy @RevathiRajeevan  shares details with @Arunima24 

HD Kumaraswamy hits out at Home Minister Amit Shah. HDK alleges plaque only in Hindi & English. Amit Shah ignored Kannada: HD Kumaraswamy Join the broadcast with @Arunima24 

Suggest a good Hindi-English dictionary, preferably for Mac or Kindle.

Flipkart customers could now use Marathi for its services. The app is now accessible in six major languages: English, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada @PeerzadaAbrar 

At , we are looking for: 1. Talented audio script writers in Hindi, English, Bengali, Assamese, Bhojpuri, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi on freelance/retainer basis. 2. Voiceovers in each language. Write with script/voice sample links to job @earshot .in. #mediajobs 

His best known works is collection of essays collected in book form called “Gulamgiri.” The essays are in old Marathi but translations into Hindi & English are available. I am going 2 give U 5 slides that extracted out the foreword that Phule wrote to his essays in Gulamgiri.

Glance delivers AI-driven personalised content in multiple languages including English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Bahasa on the lock screen of Android smartphones @PeerzadaAbrar  reports #InMobi  #unicorn 


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In times like these, I can’t think of a better pic for my next caption competition. As always, will look for 2 winners: in Hindi and in English. Again, winners receive scale models of a Mahindra vehicle..Short deadline; all answers to be submitted before 2pm IST 11th October

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Whenever I get time, I practice Yoga Nidra once or twice a week. It furthers overall well-being, relaxes the mind, reduces stress and anxiety. You will find many videos of Yoga Nidra on the net. I’m sharing a video each in English and Hindi.

T 3205 - Just look at the efficacy of the Hindi language (In English) I am sorry, I can’t hear you properly, can u please repeat what is the matter? (In Hindi) हैं............. ~ EF Vb ??????

With Modi govt at Centre, Arnab attacked, slapped 200 cases and grilled for hours. OpIndia English/Hindi editors bullied. But anti-India media flourishes. Dolt News gets newly funded call centre to post fake videos of real events from fake RW handles, then bust it. Celebrate FoE.

T 3054 - Just look at the efficacy of the Hindi language: (In English) I am sorry, I can not hear you properly, can you please repeat what is the matter ? (In Hindi) हैं...... ? ~ Ef VB

PM Modi: A lot of people wanted to know how Bear Grylls understood my Hindi. People asked whether it was edited or shot multiple times. Technology acted as bridge between me & him. A cordless device attached to his ear translated Hindi into English simultaneously.

T 2617 - Job Application : Name : Amitabh Bachchan DOB : 11.10.1942, Allahabad Age : 76 yrs Credentials : worked in films for 49 years , IN APPROX 200 FILMS Speaks ; Hindi, English, Punjabi, Bengali HEIGHT : 6'2'' .. Available .. YOU SHALL NEVER HAVE HEIGHT PROBLEM !!!

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Why she is presenting budget in English ? Is it not colonial slavery ? When we changed Budget to बहीखाता ? Why not Budget speech in Telugu or Hindi ? Why English ! This is tokan nationalism !!!

I challenge you (Rahul Gandhi) to speak for 15 minutes on the achievements of your government in #Karnataka  without reading from any piece of paper. You can speak in Hindi, English or your mother tongue: PM Modi in Mysuru

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Ok that’s it. I’m switching to this channel with commentary in Malayalam. No, I don’t understand the language but I don’t need to—these guys are so pumped up they make the English & Hindi commentators sound tame!