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▶️ The Indian Air Force conducted drills, Friday, at an air base near India’s border with China and Pakistan. 👉 India, China Agree Not to Add Troops on himalayan border'>Disputed Himalayan Border

It turns out, Himalayan mountaineering has a lot to teach us about business. One study explores how groupthink and top-down leadership work on a mountain—and in a startup.

The Retweet Train Show AFTER DARK presents Pass The Salt: How To Navigate The World Of Sodium: *salt *bloodpressure *Himalayan *sodium *sweating *exercise *nutrients *nutrition *blogging *iodine *thyroid via *HeidiHmoretti

With his Himalayan misadventure, #Xi  Jinping has not only provoked India, but also boxed himself into a corner, writes @Chellaney . #India 

FOOD FOR THOUGHT 🥛 | Do you know which is better for you? White sugar or sugar in the raw? Almond milk or regular milk? White salt or pink Himalayan salt? Or are they all about the same nutrition-wise?

An Everest-inspired icon, born for high alpine expeditions and raised on street-level adventures. Meet the Himalayan Parka now:

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‘Back off China’ protests echo in Nepal as Beijing scales new peaks of intrusion in Himalayan nation [Details].

"China’s claims to India’s vast Himalayan borderlands are based on..alleged historical links to Tibet. If China is.. occupying Tibet, how can it claim sovereignty over those borderlands?" @Chellaney  For potential @globaltimesnews  publication. @XijinHu 


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Protests in Indian Kashmir's main city of Srinagar turned violent, Friday, August 30, with demonstrators clashing with security personnel as tensions escalated in the Himalayan region, which was stripped of its autonomy earlier this month. (Reuters)

It’s walnut harvesting season in the Himalayan region of Indian-administered Kashmir. Local farmers say the ongoing lockdown has made it impossible to sell their produce. This exclusive footage was sent from Srinagar to Al Jazeera through New Delhi.

Breaking all norms, MoCA wants to hand over Air India to Rotten Tata. RT is a Himalayan failure in all his business ventures and shame to the House of genuine Tatas. He already owns majority shares of Air Asia and Vistara. My advice; Don't risk litigation

Thousands surrounded the Indian High Commission in central London in support of Kashmir, ahead of a planned closed-door consultation by the UN Security Council over New Delhi's decision to strip autonomy from its part of the disputed Himalayan region

Climate change is eating away Himalayan glaciers at a dramatic rate, a new study has revealed

I learn that Namo Govt made the Himalayan blunder of asking permission from SC, to return the undisputed Ayodhya land when no such permission was required, on the advice of a chartered accountant who has zero law practice.

You don't Ride this Train, You Steer it into Nostalgia: Rekindle your inner child & re-explore the Himalayas with an exquisite journey on himalayan'>Darjeeling Himalayan Railway's Toy Train.

A fossil jaw found in the lofty Himalayan highlands of Tibet belongs to a vanished human species called Denisovans, deepening the mystery of human evolution in Asia, scientists said

I can see why Comey got along with Obama—two guys with middling abilities, Himalayan egos and a vindictive streak toward adversaries