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Ian Hislop brutally mocks Boris over Brexit talks 'At least he had dinner with a blonde' #HIGNFY 

On its 30th birthday, how well do you know Have I Got News For You's missing words round? #HIGNFY  #HIGNFY30 

@richardosman  Sweetening what's already there is fine I think - reminded of Kenny Everett's show where you heard the crew laugh and it did the same job as hearing a full audience. Silence is weird ( see HIGNFY), full-on fake noise (football) equally odd.

Watching back Have I Got News For You from last night and it’s bloody funny 🤣 #HIGNFY 


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montage of Corbyn catchphrase “can I finish?!” via #hignfy 

BREAKING: #HIGNFY  returns for series 58 on 11th October, when everything will be sorted and back to normal.

OMG. @HylandIan  and I were literally just JOKING HIGNFY was pulled because they had a CHangeUK MP on. AND IT HAS BEEN. Heidi Allen isn’t standing as an MEP. And BBCQT had Farage on last night. Who is standing as an MEP. SO EXPLAIN THAT.

Recording #HIGNFY  shortly. A tad nervous. To save you the trouble: shat on HIGNFY. Shat on chair. Shat on desk.

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Reminder that there's no #HIGNFY  tomorrow due to Children in Need. Fortunately it's been a slow news week.

Guest HIGNFY host Jo Brand sets Ian Hislop and his fellow panellists straight about sexual harassment

Delighted to see HIGNFY guest presenter policy has been adopted by the White House.

I'm presenting #HIGNFY  in 3 weeks, and I'm starting to shit myself....oh no, not again!

Presenting #HIGNFY  for the first time. Recording this evening. A little nervous. I just wish there were some football stories in the news.