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Hey, forget targeting just Trump voters. Now it’s *all* of America that needs ‘deprogramming’ “CNN cult expert claims ‘all of America needs deprograming’ after Trump”

Hey, don't be so upset about American slavery. That's what Trump's new "1776 Report" suggests.

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Hey, @Joe Biden national security team, get some sleep tonight. This is what you inherit tomorrow: "The good, the bad and the (very) ugly foreign policy legacy Trump leaves for Biden via @NBCNewsTHINK 

Hey Hogan, there's a unique communications strategy you might not know about. You announce a formal address to the networks and turn on the cameras. @JHoganGidley : Trump 'can’t' denounce Capitol attack because he doesn’t have Twitter

Hey President Trump: I’ll offer a used, but authentic, Crazy Eddie T-shirt, two camels, and a goat for a pardon. THAT’S MY FINAL OFFER!

Hey conservatives I know you're all mad about Silicon Valley censoring you but Trump's Antitrust Division chief Makan Delrahim's final act was to let Google complete its acquisition of Fitbit. Congrats for being completely inattentive to Trump's policy choices around big tech.

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Biden will rename the Covid distribution plan to citing the ‘Failures of Trump Administration. Hey, I know, how about Operation WPE? Worst President EVER Coronavirus Cases: 23,984,043 Deaths: 400,096 Jan 15, 2021

Biden to rename the Covid distribution plan to reflect the failures of the Trump Administration. Hey, I know, how about Operation WPE? Worst President EVER Coronavirus Cases: 23,984,043 Deaths: 400,096 Jan 15, 2021

Hey remember that time a bunch of Trump supporters murdered a cop at the Capitol?

Hey @SenatorCollins , it looks like Donald Trump really learned his lesson from impeachment. He learned it so well that he wanted to go back and do it again!


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Hey @IvankaTrump  and Jared Kushner, do you ever ask yourself why pro-Trump crowds include people who believe not enough Jews were killed during the Holocaust? And if you do, what answer do you come up with?

Hey Mitch, this has gone way past counting votes and presenting legal challenges. Trump is trying to overthrow a legally elected president and thwart the will of 80 million voters. Do we dare call this what it is: treasonous. How long will you stay silent?

Hey US media folks, here, I would argue immodestly, is how you interview a Trump supporter on Trump's lies:

Hey, I think President Trump is on to something with this idea of limiting COVID infections by not testing as much. Who knew the secret for staying forever young was as simple as not celebrating your birthday?

Our hospitals are out of gloves, masks, gowns, respirators, protective shoe coverings, and basic supplies! What the hell more is Trump waiting for? Hey stupid, this is the worst case scenario!

?WOW ? Hey@nytimes , Look what I found after 27 seconds of searching the internet: Trump telling everyone on earth that he is asking AG Barr to look at UK, Australia & Ukraine for the Russia Hoax. Hey normal people, Please RT this so all the DNC propaganda journos see it:

Hey Trump voters, yesterday Pence voted to break a Senate tie to pass a bill to stop consumers from mounting class-action lawsuits against rip-off banks/credit card firms. Trump will sign. How's that for populism? You were conned. Sad.

Hey , Roseanne Barr compared Valerie Jarrett to an ape. There is no apology she can make that justifies turning a blind eye to this bigotry by airing another second of her show. Even in the Age of Trump, there are red lines that can never be crossed. This is one.

Hey Trump, I'm watching this really bad reality TV show with low ratings called Survivor White House. I can't change the channel. Sad!