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hey ontario friends: everything is bad! i’d like to hear about a small thing you are doing for yourself that brings you joy or at least a few moments of neutrality. i’ll start: i started grinding fresh beans every morning for my coffee. a small, grounding (PUN INTENDED) ritual!

Hey Ontario, if you are 40+, looking for a vaccine search your postal code here:

Hey, when did ... when did Ontario hurtle boldly into the 20th century and start allowing online FOI request submissions? How did I miss this until now?

Hey, maybe 6 inches of snow this weekend for Dresden#Ontario  my gosh @Lyonseed  @islandviewag 

hey Ontario, have you noticed a marked decrease in traffic and people out and about on this first day under the province's stay at home order? #onpoli 

Hey do we have the legal text of this "stay at home order" in Ontario, as opposed to the government's narrative description of it?

Hey Ontario. Just an idea: NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio wants to create five “mass vaccination” sites throughout the city ... two of them this weekend. He described them as “public sites where anyone in the appropriate categories can come 24/7 and get vaccinated." 24/7, you guys!

Hey there Quebec, Ontario, Nunavut — Happy New Year from Gatineau, QC!

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Hey look, it's an Ontario PHU breaking down outbreaks by precise location and number of cases. 1. Does anyone know of other Canadian jurisdictions doing this? 2. Every other Canadian jurisdiction should be doing this.

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Hey why not flip on @tvo  at some point this evening? I’m hosting an old school telethon for Ontario’s public broadcaster. Got lots of special guests. Should be fun. #broadcasting  #media  #tvo50 


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Hey look, I fixed the cover page of the Ontario budget. #onpoli 

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Hey London, Ontario (most likely Lambeth) — did your pet cockatoo escape? A very friendly cockatoo was found chilling out on my parents car (see below). Neighbours are keeping it safe until they find the owner. Know someone missing a cockatoo?? Let me know:

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Hey Ontario: don't forget to vote! Hope fades... er polls close... at 9pm. #electionday  #electionsontario  #onelxn  #elxn2018 

Hey, Ontario school boards: Why don't you set up a Sunni prayer room in a public school beside a Yazidi prayer room and watch what happens?

Hey Ontario & Quebec: Jade's going to meet a new cowboy on tonight's NEW episode of HEARTLAND on @CBC . Starts NOW! ?

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Hey, Ontario: My colleague Anthony Furey wants to hear your stories about your runaway electricity bills. Kathleen…

Hey Ontario voters: Quebec’s election turnout was 70+ per cent. That’s a benchmark. If you haven’t voted, go now. #onvote  #onpoli  #cdnpoli