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Hey can anyone in Congress - or the media - ask Jerome Powell why raising everyone's cost of living even more than it's already rising is a good thing, especially for those without assets, or who aren't worth 9-figures? @FSCDems  @FinancialCmte  @federalreserve 

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Hey social media managers! I know you’re working round the clock, but can we tag each other during normal business hours? I promise to do the same.

@pdavison Hey. A lot of us at @RealVisionTV  love what you're doing wi @joinClubhouseh  . I'd be interested in setting you up for a conversation with our @raoulgmio '>C @RaoulGMIO  to talk about the evolving social media landscape

Hey media types, just curious, has Facebook ban wiped out entire pages of content or just recent posts? I post Footyology content on my own page. It's wiped everything posted since Feb 8th, but everything before that is still there, which seems pretty arbitrary? #facebook 

Hey @NateSilver538 , media criticism isn't your focus, but could you please do a longitudinal analysis of *distinct metaphors per paragraph across years* deployed by a columnist I needn't name?

Marcum Is Having a Bad Day on Social Media Thanks to a Rogue Senior Who Just Learned the F Word: Hey would you look at that, got some fresh drama to report. Just the thing to get this Monday officially… > #Careers  #Big4  #Jobs 

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@NorseKode  @amazingtgraceH  @dizzygrl05e  @Phil_Lewis_y , thanks for that! That said, as an indie media company, I wouldn't consider Elephant independent if we had a major stakeholder. But if you have more insight--you sound well-informed, thank you!

Hey good morning @KevinGrevioux  can you DM me your contact info? I have a media request I'd like to send your way.

Hey sports media fam: @olympicchannel  is looking for a social media producer in the lead-up to and as part of #Tokyo2020 . Let me know if you're interested! +a similar Spanish role, as well. Info 🗂


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WOW! Check out this AMAZING response from young black leaders! The largest ever gathering of young black conservative leaders!! Hey media, will you cover this? Why not? This is history! #MAGA  speaks to them tomorrow!

Hey Hollywood and media types, I’ve noticed a lot of you deleted your #JusticeForJussie  tweets... what’s the matter, don’t you want justice for him anymore??? #frauds 

If the Hunter Biden emails aren’t real why are they not being disputed? Hey media, just because you don’t want to know the answer doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be asking the question.

Hey US media folks, here, I would argue immodestly, is how you interview a Trump supporter on Trump's lies:

Media: Hey, why don't we all boycott Goya because the CEO is pro-Trump? Trump: I think you should buy Goya. Media: WHY IS TRUMP PAYING ATTENTION TO GOYA THERE'S A PANDEMIC

Hey @Ocasio2018  - guess who knows more about concentration camps than you? These Holocaust survivors. They have a message for you. Why don’t you listen - for once. Great v @TPUSAdeo  by RT so media can’t ignore

Hey, sorry i haven’t been very active on social media lately. Been struggling with it and the last thing i wanna do is post something because i feel like i have to instead of want to you know? I always just want to be 100% real with you guys always!

Hey media anchors: as you mock the absurdity of injecting toxins, hows that Botox coming along?

Hey NFL/media: Colin Kaepernick was the last quarterback to take the 49ers to the Super Bowl. No matter how much you avoid mentioning it, that actually happened. I seent it.

Hey Media! Stop asking why Trump would retweet a racist white nationalist hate monger, as though you don’t really know the answer. It is because TRUMP IS A RACIST WHITE NATIONALIST HATE MONGER. It’s not complicated.