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@lorenezratty  @2MuchQEHey  guys, please be informed that the google sheet add-on is no longer maintained. Please call our API directly for the data. Here is a step-by-step guide:

Hey Siri, you are still behind Alexa and Google Assistant – Apple digital assistant is better in iOS 14, but it’s not there yet

My little one keeps walking around the house saying “Hey, Google.” Guess I’m going to have to get a @nest  so someday there’s a response.

Hey Twitter peeps, any of you work at Google on the Android app store? Our @TheStreetFC  is seemingly stuck/lost "in review" and we could use some help. Thx!

Users will have to utter a few words, "Hey Google, show me my day" and the Assistant will start functioning.

Hey. You guys busy right now? No? Good. Take a moment and sign up for the Automotive News Canada Conversations podcast. It's delivered to your inbox every Friday morning. It'll be there when you wake! Or subscribe on Spotify, iTunes or Google. Info here:

I want a tally of every "hey guys" uttered on social media. Google Trends style.

Joining us on #BaseballCentral  will be @johnstamos59  ... Lots of talk about @tai_walker ... Trade Deadline Text us at 590590 with questions/rants/observations 🗣️ "Hey Google, play Sportsnet 590" 💻


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This is interesting... Hackers can covertly inject inaudible commands into voice controlled devices—Google Home, Alexa, Apple Siri—by shining a laser at them from several meters away. Read ➤ ✅ OK Google, open the garage door ✅ Hey Siri, unlock my car

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Today, we’re passing the mic to John Legend as he makes a cameo as the newest voice on your Google Assistant. Just say ”Hey Google, #TalkLikeALegend ” → #HeyGoogle 

Hey guys when you search my makeup on google. A FAKE website put an add up to try and trick u guys.

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Or this one. it will take an enormous number of Retweets to redirect the google search. But hey it’s worth a try.

@TheUnknownHusky  hey bro thx for asking, according to Google it will be on april.. and I'll still be keeping the b…

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To be able to detect when you say, "Hey Google" (Or "Alexa")-- It has to be listening *all* the time.

Hey monsters! TODAY I'll be at Google in SanFran! Send me your tweet questions with #googlegoesgaga  + I'll post video answers @6pm  PT 2nite!

Hey US and Canada - The Interview is now available on Digital HD on: Google Play, YouTube Movies, XBOX, and... iTunes!!!!!!!!!!