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Democrats: 🥳 Nevada: Hey guys… we finally have a winner 😅

Hey, @realDonaldTrump ! Question for you—if the Democrats fixed the election why didn’t they win the Senate and keep the seats on the house that they lost?

"It's a bad sign for the Democrats because essentially you've got an American population which is saying hey we don't like this hard push to the left," says former NH Governor Judd Gregg on the Senate staying Republican.

Hey, Some Democrats We Like Won Their Races Last Night! Hooray! by @SER1897 

Hey, Democrats . . . How Is All of This Working Out for You?

Under Linker’s argument, there would then be no need for Democrats to redistrict the state to balance the relationship between vote share and control of the legislature, because hey look, they won anyway.

Hey Democrats, @NBCLX  found something you may finally agree with the president on:

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Hey Democrats: Check Your History, GOP Are Completely Right To Hold Confirmation Process Now, As You Admitted in 2016


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Hey Nancy glad to see you wanting to expunge the terrible history of White Supremacy, in the Democrat Party! Nine of 11 statues of Confederate leaders Pelosi wants removed from Capitol were Democrats | Just The News

Hey Democrats, less than 5 years ago 54 of you voted to: secure the border, end the diversity lottery, spend $40b on border security, create ‘merit-based’ visas. #SOTU 

Why are Democrats being complicit with Donald Trumps authoritarian takeover when they can STOP him IMMEDIATELY? Hey, what's up @NancyPelosi ? We got some shit to talk about here. Step up.

hey Republican colleagues, this is an easy one: if you get invited to the White House for a private, GOP-only briefing on classified, explosive information about the safety of our troops and also don't tell the Democrats and oh btw please tweet about it when you leave, decline

Hey democrats that was not just the president you were disrespecting at the SOTU, You insulted the nation, the people, the military,even our prosperity . Your behavior was petty, childish and disrespectful to every American who loves this country Its OK we’ll move on without you

How do you obstruct justice when there is no underlying crime? “Hey cut it out Mueller! I didn’t do anything wrong.” Would a statement of this sort constitute obstruction? Do Democrats want to impeach the president for truthfully insisting on his own innocence? #MuellerReport 

Hey, Democrats! If Catholics can't be judges because of their 'extreme' religious beliefs, should we assume you want Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and Keith Ellison to resign from Congress?