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Henan is an important province for agricultural production in China. Farmers there are embracing advanced agricultural equipment and management process, bidding farewell to traditional arduous means of agricultural operation

One of the inflatable moons from a mid-autumn moon festival in Henan province, China, rolled away on Monday — watch two poor staffers try and chase it down 😬😂

One of the inflatable moons from a mid-autumn moon festival in Henan province, China, rolled away on Monday — watch two poor staffers try and chase it down 😬😂

#Inheritance matters! It is by standing upon the shoulder of previous cultural heritage inheritors that we now have the chance to enjoy the fabulous traditional opera performance in central China’s Henan.

May this mighty fire dragon dance in central China's Henan bring peace and prosperity! As an intangible cultural heritage in China, the traditional dance delivers blessings of exorcising evil spirits and avoiding epidemic diseases.

Spectacular! A golden dragon with a length of 69 meters and a height of 5.5 meters was built, using 56,991 corns in C China's Henan.

Ready to get overwhelmed by the ancient and powerful charm of #KungFu  at #Shaolin  Temple in central China's Henan Province, where martial arts have been practiced for over 1,500 years.

How stunning! Magnificent double rainbow is spotted in Yuntai Mountain of C China's Henan! 🌈🌈

Torrential rains have battered central China’s Henan Province, which was hit hard by heavy rainstorms in July, since Friday, resulting in a level-IV emergency response to floods issued on Sunday at 8 a.m., local authorities said.

In a country which prides itself on meticulously curating and restoring the past, a visit to the neglected Song dynasty imperial tombs in Henan. With some pretty great photos. @WorldofChinese 


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Chinese actor and singer #WangYibo  travelled to water-logged Zhengzhou, Central China's Henan, as volunteer with Han Hong Love Charity Foundation. Henan is Wang Yibo's home province.

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Passengers trapped by rising floodwaters on the #Zhengzhou  subway await rescue by Henan firefighters. I hope they’re all okay.

Floods in China's Henan province and it's capital Zhengzhou seem worse even than what happened in Germany last week. Today Zhengzhou had 200mm of rain in one hour. In Germany, they had 154mm in 24 hours. See @javihagen  for more.

The BBC calls for immediate action by the Chinese government to stop the attacks on journalists following reporting on the floods in Henan Province.

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At least 25 people have died in China's flood-stricken central province of Henan, 12 of them in a subway line in its capital that was drenched by what weather officials called the heaviest rains in a thousand years 1/5

Floods in central China killed at least 25 people after a year's worth of rain fell in 3 days. At least 12 were killed in a flooded subway in Henan's capital: "The water reached my chest." Scientists say summer flooding and extreme weather is worsening due to the climate crisis.

WATCH: Massive explosion at a factory in China's Henan province; no injuries reported so far according to state media

Remember to wear a mask in public like this baby from Henan, who always puts his mask back on quickly after taking a bite of a cookie.

Young monk stunned the audience with his extraordinary #kungfu  skill at the famed temple’s school of Buddhism in C China’s Henan. Their instructors say the tough training is meant to give them a shot at becoming Shaolin#masters  and to help them become men of strong characters.

A Chinese nurse in a coronavirus-hit hospital in Henan Province gives her sobbing daughter an "air hug." #coronavirus