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What the heck? Mike Mazzulli is completely out of line here and owes Girtz an apology. Totally uncalled for especially when someone is cutting weight.

2. small (I'd say, 10 point) and I cannot make it bigger nor change the font. (You can change the font on iBooks and enlarge any font seriously enormous sizes). Am I missing something? I have Googled the heck out of this with no answer.

... and another one 🙏🏽 it’s not easy, please do your part ♥️ small lifestyle changes that feel weird , heck ARE weird BUT temporary, think big picture and this tooo shall pass 💪🏽 #nyc  #covid_19  #pandemic  @ABC7NY  #abc7ny  @NYGovCuomo 

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In a normal year this column would be about the L.A. Dodgers winning the World Series. But it's 2020. So instead this is about Covid-19, and the ongoing, mind-boggling rivalry between public health and doing whatever the heck we want. For the @WSJ 

Don’t fight the Fed. Unless they are so freaked out about how bad things are they conveniently arrange for statements about how freaked they are to be published...then, fight the heck out of ‘em? 😳 “The Fed Is Really Running Out of Firepower”

A Heck of a Heckle: Brexit Bomber Sinks Biden's Battleship Over 'Democracy' Comment

Quick thinking by Connor Heck and Hunter Smith puts Fleetwood in boys soccer semifinals

@kim  @MuellerSheWroteIt’s 32 degrees in Omaha right now, and the world’s most immoral campaign left elderly people freezing at the rally site while they got the heck out of dodge. They’ll deny blame, of course. If arranging return transportation wasn’t the campaign’s responsibility, whose was it?


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and Bustin Jieber loves Brazil. cant wait to come meet all you Brazilian girls ;) heck i cant wait to meet girls in every country :)

i would like to say goodnight ONE TIME to my ONE LESS LONELY GIRL...where are you?? lol...sorry that was corny as heck. thanks 4 the love

Where the heck is the GOP leadership? The left is rampaging across the country, burning the flag and destroying the cherished symbols of America, while Republican officials cower and shrink and watch. We’re the custodians of the American dream, remember?

Between the 2 of them, Bernie and Biden have total of 78 YEARS in Congress. 78 YEARS! And they are talking abt what they WILL do if elected @POTUS  ? If they've been there 78 yrs, why in heck didn't they do that stuff already?

guys what the heck. how do we have a BILLION views on WORTH IT? I don't even know what that number means

Excited to tour with @State_Champs  in aus and nz. They're gonna put on a heck of a show

Let's go! This season to be one heck of another ride!! #PatsNation 

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