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Is it Trumpism that made us lazy about following the rules? It was certainly un-Canadian and I hope we’ll revert to type in the months to come, Heather Mallick writes.

#OPINION | Thanks largely to Premier Doug Ford’s intransigence, Ontario COVID-19 cases are rising so fast that a moral catastrophe threatens, prefaced by a series of shocks, writes Heather Mallick

Heather Mallick: Watch how Kamala Harris is treated in a country boiling with hate

It is still impossible to go out without encountering people who have consciously decided not to mask. Why has no level of government made mask-wearing mandatory? Heather Mallick writes

Heather Mallick: Lives are on the line. What’s so hard about wearing a mask — and properly?

Heather Mallick: In midtown Toronto, condo dwellers fighting a highrise have no reason to complain

The most contemptuous thing the Republicans did was select ordinary, badly dressed Americans as if they were dolls in the attic and make them give wooden speeches. Heather Mallick on Trump and the Republican convention.

Heather Mallick: Donald Trump’s Republican convention: Welcome to the Grimmest Show on Earth


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Chrystia Freeland’s new role as finance minister is a triumph for Canadian women, courtesy of Trudeau, who has stayed true to his goal of equality for women. The choice displays Trudeau’s self-confidence as well as confidence in Freeland. Heather Mallick:

COVID-19 deaths may increase day by day but that’s not where the terror lies. The true terror is mass death and that could become reality if we don’t tackle climate change, Heather Mallick writes.

Trump is a man-child, a thug, a liar, and a cheat. Pelosi is an emblem of Democratic revulsion. Americans need her. Heather Mallick:

He is not an accountant nor has he taught or been a trustee. He may not know what teachers actually do, writes Heather Mallick.

We close local stores, drive prices down, clog the streets, pollute the air, endanger exhausted delivery drivers and keep the huge hamster wheel spinning, Heather Mallick writes.

Jason Kenney is not an achiever like Rachel Notley or Peter Lougheed. He is a complainer. No one complains as much as Kenney. Heather Mallick:

Careful how you vote in Canada’s federal election on Monday, especially if you’re young and female. You are vulnerable. Think strategically, writes Heather Mallick:

By electing Kenney, at the absurd end of the extreme right — just as Ontario did with Doug Ford — they voted against common sense, writes Heather Mallick.

Should the Conservatives win election by courting climate ignorance and spite, they will kill carbon pricing and huddle in the basement.They will freeze out refugees fleeing war. They will weaponize quiet racism and make us more American. Heather Mallick: