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Heat map of the S&P 500's performance over the last 3 months

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Looking to avoid power blackouts, California may turn to fossil fuels, an energy source it's otherwise desperate to get rid of. The debate highlights the challenge some states are facing as they scramble to address heat waves fueled by climate change.

WAKE-UP WEATHER: Prepare for a steamy start to July as we head into the holiday weekend. Lee has tips to beat Friday's heat

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Sunrays have certainly been heating things up, and when the heat really bears down, rolling blackouts can become a big concern.

In the heat of a game, hockey players might find themselves with an offsides call, but one Colorado Avalanche player didn't expect this offside call to come from a Denver Police officer.

Why your smartphone can’t handle the summer heat

The governor and lawmakers also invested heavily in K-12 public education, directed billions of dollars to secure enough power to keep the lights on during heat waves and earmarked $47 billion for infrastructure projects over the next three years.

As the atmosphere turns up the heat and humidity for the remainder of the week and a front approaches from the Upper Midwest, showers and thunderstorms will come calling.

Unusual weather patterns have taken a toll on Johnson County farms, with more heat on the way. Here's how two local farmers are coping.

Durant seeks trade from Nets, reports say, eyeing Suns or Heat


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BEAT THE HEAT: The record-breaking weekend temperatures in the West drove this bear family to seek relief in the cool waters of Lake Tahoe.

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Lace up your cleats & prepare to bring the heat in #MarioStrikers : Battle League! Fierce special shots, items, & tackles means there’s no rules except to rule the field! Mario Strikers: Battle League arrives on #NintendoSwitch  6/10.

The situation is dire in Austin. We’re without power and heat with no end in sight amidst frigid temperatures. My wife and I still have running water. Others have had pipes break. There needs to be accountability for what happened. Right now the priority is to keep people safe.

We've seen your support for . We've listened. The lads have now been added to & just #BestFans2018urned  up the heat on the competition! ??? #OneDirectionBestFans 

It had been three years since Heat rookie Chris Silva had last seen his mother… That changed today ❤️ (via @NBA )

If you can't stand the heat, get out of the...Congress.

Everybody is now acknowledging that, right from the time I announced my run for President, I was 100% correct on the Border. Remember the heat I took? Democrats should now get rid of the loopholes. The Border is being fixed. Mexico will not let people through!

Things was just starting to heat up for me... I won’t question the man upstairs... this is the ultimate test.. thank you everyone for the prayers

Beyoncé always come wit heat..queen

Hey dumbass, global warming doesn’t only mean extreme heat; it means extreme weather. Hot and cold. Maybe buy a thermometer and shove it up your ass.