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Perhaps one of the most discussed topics both inside and outside trans communities is the way our healthcare is handled. That's why for our second annual conference, we'll be focussing on just that - the future of trans healthcare. 24 & 25 September

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It takes just a few seconds to secure your free place for our The Future of Trans Healthcare Conference! 🤗 We'll be bringing in a range of experts to deliver panels and workshops relating to every element of health! 24 & 25 September

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I AM ANGRY. He botched a response to a pandemic. Who willfully gets hundreds of thousand of people killed? Who sends our healthcare heroes into war unprotected? People can’t put food on the table & this guy is making jokes about models at a press conference. May God help us.💔

NY’s Governor Cuomo on conference call says the whole point of what they’re trying to do is slow the spread so the healthcare system can handle what essentially is about to come.

HAPPENING NOW: Democratic leaders hold news conference on healthcare, drug prices, amid impeachment battle.

Interested to see Nancy Pelosi start her press conference talking about healthcare and description drug costs and USMCA. Yesterday, WH aides told me that the Democrats were not interested in governing and only in forging ahead with their impeachment inquiry.

People in pain. People need jobs. People need healthcare. People want equality. But let's have a press conference on crowd size. My god.

The House #healthcare  bill was mean. The Senate bill is meaner. Conference can’t fix this monstrosity – time to scrap it and do better.

@realDonaldTrump  could show the Fake News Media how wrong they are by having a press conference devoted to the healthcare legislation.

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