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🔴 The Health Secretary Matt Hancock did not declare his connection to a company owned by close family members, despite it being awarded a place on a framework to provide services to the NHS in England

Health secretary Matt Hancock received shares in a family firm that went on to win a lucrative health service contract, it has emerged.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock is being accused of "cronyism at the heart of government" by Labour after it was revealed he has been given shares in a family firm that has done business with the NHS

UK health secretary Matt Hancock has been accused of ‘cronyism’ by the Labour party after declaring that he owned a minority stake in an approved supplier to NHS England which also has contracts in Wales

Health Secretary Matt Hancock & his sister have shares in a firm that’s won contracts from NHS Wales. Labour say it’s "cronyism at the heart of this government". A gov spokesman said Mr Hancock acted "entirely properly" & there was no conflict of interest

Labour has said there are “serious questions to answer” after it was revealed that Health Secretary Matt Hancock has shares in a family company which has contracts with the NHS

Health secretary Matt Hancock has a stake in his sister’s company that has recently won NHS contracts he’s ‘acted entirely properly’ says Department.

A company in which Health Secretary Matt Hancock & his sister have shares has won contracts from NHS Wales. Labour said it amounted to "cronyism at the heart of this government". A government spokesman said that Mr Hancock had acted "entirely properly".

A company in which Health Secretary Matt Hancock and his sister have shares has won contracts from NHS Wales, it has emerged

Health secretary Matt Hancock gifted shares in sister's firm who won NHS contracts


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How corruption works in the UK. David Cameron brought Lex Greensill to a “private drink” with the health secretary in 2019. Cameron and Greensill lobbied Matt Hancock to introduce a Greensill-owned payments system which was later rolled out across the NHS

Second “more transmissible” strain of coronavirus detected in UK, thought to be from South Africa, Health Secretary Matt Hancock says

Under cover of a crisis, Health Secretary Matt Hancock has struck a secret deal with US tech giants to deliver a "COVID-19 data store". This will be the biggest, most sinister handover of personal NHS patient data to private firms ever. Speak out now.

I get the idea that Health secretary Matt Hancock thinks he’s a lot more intelligent than he actually is. Always very smug and slippery. Excuse me but Matt you’ve had a major howler here and it’s about time you handed facts out instead of worrying about what the opposition thinks

'I'm not proposing to do that, what I am proposing to do is work every hour that there is.' Health Secretary Matt Hancock says he is not proposing to follow footballers in taking a pay cut. @piersmorgan  | @susannareid100  | #GMB 

Britain's corona scandal grows. A Health Dept that lies about testing and PPE. Privatised care homes left unprotected. A Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, who promoted a tech company that now has NHS contracts. Like Iraq, demand criminal prosecutions. .

Matt Hancock, the Death Secretary, just said on @BBCr4today  that he had no problem with the government’s public health messaging being completely blown out of the water by Cummings.

Health secretary Matt Hancock says he has tested positive for coronavirus and is self isolating at home

Even the Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, admitted he couldn't survive on £94 a week Statutory Sick Pay that self-employed people are supposed to live on. The government is protecting incomes for employees. It must do the same for self-employed, agency and zero hours workers.

#Coronavirus : "If you don’t want us to have to take the step to ban exercise of all forms outside of your own home then you’ve got to follow the rules," says Health Secretary Matt Hancock#Marr