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Sen. Nancy Binay renewed her call for Health Secretary Francisco Duque III to resign and urged him to do "soul-searching," saying that a Senate hearing revealed that the DOH did not conduct contact-tracing at the outset of the coronavirus outbreak in the Philippines. #COVID19 

Sen. Nancy Binay urged Health Secretary Francisco Duque III to "do some soul-searching" as she sought a comprehensive plan from national government in arresting the spread of #COVID19  in the country.

Senator Nancy Binay said it's high time Health Secretary Francisco Duque III should do some soul-searching to know if he can still do his job.

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UPDATED: Retired Pope Benedict's personal secretary said there was no reason "for particular concern" over the his health "other than that of a 93-year-old" overcoming shingles.

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It is hight time Health Secretary Francisco Duque III should do some soul-searching to know if he can still do his job, Senator Nancy Binay said. | @MAgerINQ 

@IanEsguerra  Senator Nancy Binay: It's really frustrating. I think it's time for the Health Secretary to do some soul-searching and see if he can do the job. Baka dapat sa kanya na manggaling. #ANCMattersOfFact 

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The health secretary rejects "speculation" that millions more could be asked to stay at home this winter based on their age

• Sen. Lacson renews call for Health Secretary Duque to 'resign or be replaced' as Duterte defends Cabinet official

Health Secretary@MattHancockMP  has said new tests which can dete #coronavirust  within just 90 minutes are "a big step forward". To read more, click here:


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@ddiamond  A previous tweet of this quote did not make it adequately clear that it is Trump who did not push for adequate testing, not Secretary of Health and Human Services Azar. Here is the whole quote for context. @ddiamond 

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Unbelievable.. @MattHancockMP  is now claiming the UK locked down on March 16, not 23. This is a demonstrable bare-faced lie to try to disguise the fact we locked down so woefully late & it cost so many 1000s of lives. Even by our Health Secretary’s standards, this is shameful.

I get the idea that Health secretary Matt Hancock thinks he’s a lot more intelligent than he actually is. Always very smug and slippery. Excuse me but Matt you’ve had a major howler here and it’s about time you handed facts out instead of worrying about what the opposition thinks

Health Secretary @MattHancockMP ⁩ has spent the last 3 months telling us all to socially distance at least 2m apart. This is him today ignoring that in Parliament. Yet again, one rule for them, another for us. 👇

Health Secretary Azar Says America ‘Must’ Reopen — ‘It’s Not Health Vs. The Economy, It’s Actually Health Vs. Health’

The lies go on.. Health Secretary@MattHancockMP  announced 111 new coronavirus deaths in UK today. But in fact the total rose by 556. Presumably, he just hoped nobody would notice. They're only people, after all.

WH Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany is repeatedly refusing to answer who told President Trump that it was safe to hold a rally in Oklahoma as well as which health officials he consulted before deciding to hold it in the state which is seeing an uptick in COVID-19 cases.

This week, a govt minister promoted far right lies & went unpunished. The Prime Minister & the Health Secretary lied about care homes. Johnson was shown to have lied about customs checks in Northern Ireland. Teachers were maligned, lockdown chaos escalated & the R number went up.

I am pleased to inform you that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is in the air and on his way back from North Korea with the 3 wonderful gentlemen that everyone is looking so forward to meeting. They seem to be in good health. Also, good meeting with Kim Jong Un. Date & Place set.

Important: This morning the Health and Human Services Secretary stated that children would NOT be reunited with parents who are in detention. The administration is holding children hostage to push parents to drop their asylum claims.