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@HHSGov ’s latest disbursement from Provider Relief Fund adds up to $12.8 billion so far to more than 950 health care facilities serving our nation’s most vulnerable patients. Read more ⬇️

JUST IN: The funds taken from APD would be reallocated to fund "alternative public safety strategies and public health services."

Health Ministry revises fund requirement to Rs 6.04 lk cr. Submits revised proposal to finance panel (From Agencies) @MoHFW_INDIA 

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Dr. Breen’s family has created a fund in her name to provide mental health support to health care providers. Here’s the link to donate:

It was money for jam. And lots of it. Private health funds pocketed $1 billion during the COVID-19 lockdown – and they have no intention of giving it back. See what your fund is offering.

Today is #WorldPopulationDay , marked by @UN  in 1989 to raise awareness of global population issues. On this day, the United Nations Population Fund@UNFPAFPA  said they are protecting health and rights of millions of people worldwide affected #coronavirusby  .

Good news! New Jersey safety net hospitals and small metropolitan health providers will receive over $82 million from the Provider Relief Fund. This money will allow hospitals and other health care providers to help patients during the COVID pandemic.

#Frontline medical workers are risking their health to work 12, 15-hour shifts w/ few resources & #PPE . To recognize their sacrifice, my bill would secure: 1️⃣ A survivor benefits fund 2️⃣ Benefits for permanently disabled workers 3️⃣ Compensation to families for student loan debt

Former North West health head will not get his pension pending SIU investigation: The Special Tribunal has restrained the Government Employees Pension Fund from paying out the entire pension benefit to former North West health department head Dr Thabo…

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I’m moving $1B of my Square equity (~28% of my wealth) to #startsmall  LLC to fund global COVID-19 relief. After we disarm this pandemic, the focus will shift to girl’s health and education, and UBI. It will operate transparently, all flows tracked here:

had the most incredible visit to the Bronx and got to meet the angels of the Children's Health Fund. @chfund 

The #coronavirus  economy is in a freefall. Rent, health care, and payroll costs are coming due soon. Let’s unite to keep Americans out of quicksand. But can’t we do that without giving this guy a $500 billion slush fund for his friends?

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Sen. John Hoeven of North Dakota, a former banker, bought $125,000 worth of stock in the BlackRock Health Sciences fund within days of a private briefing on the virus. I'm starting to think Republican senators care more about their own stock portfolios than the American people.

The federal government is needlessly shut down this morning because of Senate Democrats. They need to stop this reckless game and vote for the bill to keep government open, pay our troops, and fund children’s health care.

Things the Trump administration has taken money from to fund the jailing of families and immigrant abuses: ❌ FEMA ❌ cancer research ❌ HIV/AIDS services ❌ Head Start ❌ mental health services ❌ substance abuse programs ❌ maternal health services

Maddow: GOP says they can't find the money to fund children's health insurance — but they wrote a real estate loophole for Pres. Trump that will cost $414 billion.

On November 6, we need to elect progressive leaders at the state and local level who will fight to fund our public schools, ensure everyone has quality health care, and create good jobs with living wages.

This shutdown was avoidable. The WH created this crisis & the GOP leaders in Congress refused to negotiate with Democrats. We must pass a bipartisan solution to fund the government, guarantee health care for millions of kids & protect Dreamers. Americans expect & deserve it.

It's indefensible to pass a tax cut for the wealthy that adds $1.4 trillion to the deficit and in the same breath argue we don't have the money to fund health care for low-income kids.