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Right now oil prices back down to 2018 levels. Headlines in a few weeks, probably: "Gas is cheap again. Why this is a problem for Biden"

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Get ready for the panicky, no-context headlines from news outlets that say “omicron found in ______ state”. They’ll do it for clicks. And to scare Cuz that’s (sadly) what far too many of us do in this business Let’s all take a breath. And wait for more data to come in Cool?

Recent headlines have focused on treatments and vaccines for covid-19. But giant strides are about to be made in haemophilia, while there will be a resurgence of interest in neurological disorders and progress on malaria

Huma Abedin experienced a meteoric political career alongside the First Lady, but her personal life made headlines. In her new memoir, she tells her own story.

The term 'atmospheric river' is making headlines, but what exactly is it? Meteorologist@kellysonnenburg  explains the science behind this weather phenomenon. #ScienceBehindTheWeather 

VEGAS NEWS FLASH: Here’s a look at some of our top headlines on Thursday. Enable FOX5’s flash briefing on your Alexa:

The variant news late yesterday makes clear we’d better include “mashallah” in any headlines about hoped-for returns to normal in this pandemic. : (. Biden wishes Americans happy, closer-to-normal Thanksgiving (from @AP )

Now, she's making headlines for using her once broken leg to snatch baby sharks. Read Eugene's story in full:

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@theprintindia 's attempt to create a sensation from nothing failed and looked ludicrous and helpless. We hope that the outlet will draw necessary conclusions and will from now on focus on facts, rather than flashy headlines aimed at attracting attention

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This is part of a dangerous trend in reporting each allergic reaction as news. A million people have been vaccinated. A few had allergic reactions. All turned out fine. More will occasionally happen. They don’t all need headlines. It inaccurately skews perception of risk.


To all those newspapers with headlines proclaiming the debate was chaotic and disorderly without tying that to Trump: If a man runs into a house, throws gasoline everywhere, and lights a match, the headline should be "Arsonist Attacks Home," not "Fire Breaks Out."

If President Trump’s children did what Hunter Biden did: -It would be on the front page every newspaper. -Speaker Pelosi would be rushing to #impeach . -Schiff would be holding press conferences. But since it’s Joe Biden’s son, these are the headlines we get. What a joke.

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“Kenosha Deadly Protests” "3rd Night of Protests in Kenosha, Wis., Turns Deadly" "Two People Confirmed Dead After Gunfire at Protests in Kenosha" Reading these headlines, you would never know that a right-wing vigilante traveled 20 miles to instigate violence.

It is very disheartening when acts of kindness become misinterpreted by those simply chasing headlines. Overlooking all the information to tell a great story is the basis for fiction. Pushing a fictional agenda can take a kind act and turn it on its head.

Every year in France, there's a ceremony that rarely makes headlines. Ordinary people & families collect sand from Omaha Beach — where Americans lost 2,400 lives on D-Day. Then, they use it to fill in the letters on their tombstones of the fallen.?❤️??

The New York Times changed headlines 3 times in order to satisfy the Radical Left. What should have been a good story got “worse & worse”, until the headline alone made it very unfair. Fake & Corrupt News that is very dangerous for our Country!

Last night Trump called for the impeachment of Barack Obama - who hasn’t been president for three years. This batshit demand from the sitting president won’t feature on any front pages of any newspapers or any nightly news headlines on TV. We have normalized an abnormal person.