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Lindsay #Myeni , the widow of Lindani Myeni who was shot by #Honolulu  police in Hawaii in the United States last week, has filed a wrongful death lawsuit. #BlackLivesMatter 

California has gone from worst to first in the rate of #coronavirus  infections. Data from Johns Hopkins University shows the state surpassed Hawaii on Thursday with the lowest average number of COVID-19 cases per capita.

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DC Statehood debates remind me of one of my favorite bits of historic trivia: Alaska and Hawaii were admitted as a package deal, partly in the interest of balance. it was assumed Alaska would always be Democratic; Hawaii, forever GOP. As things turned out, however ...

Expedition hauls tons of plastic out of remote Hawaii atolls

UPCOMING LIVESTREAM: Join us at 10:30 a.m. today for a conversation with Kealii Lopez and Hilton Raethel on hawaii'>Spotlight Hawaii, a Facebook live series shining a spotlight on issues affecting Hawaii.⁠ Visit to view the rest of this month's schedule.

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"94,472 pounds of marine debris on the back deck of the ship here.” From cigarette lighters to bottle caps, a hawaii' alt='pmdphawaii' /'>@pmdphawaii  expedition crew removed more than 47 tons of plastic during a cleanup effort in the northernmost islands of Hawaii

Expedition hauls tons of plastic out of remote Hawaii atolls - ABC News

Expedition hauls 47 tons of plastic out of remote Hawaii atolls

UC San Diego advances to face host Hawaii in Big West men’s volleyball tournament

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🚨🚨🚨 If you’re not registered to vote, you can do it ON Election Day in: California Colorado Connecticut D.C. Hawaii Idaho Illinois Iowa Maine Maryland Michigan Minnesota Montana Nambia Nevada New Hampshire R.I. Utah Vermont Washington Wisconsin Wyoming

Hawaii: This is not a time-lapse video. A river of lava moving at an incredible speed...

...vacationing, relaxing & making shady deals with other countries, & that Barack was always playing golf, doing much of his traveling in a fume spewing 747 to play golf in Hawaii - Once even teeing off immediately after announcing the gruesome death of a great young man by ISIS!

This is Summer. She stopped this punk from getting away with stealing from BestBuy in Hawaii. She got fired for this. Flying her in this weekend and giving her tickets to the McGregor vs Cowboy fight. I WANT HER TO WORK FOR ME! Get ready for the best weekend of your life Summer

I just met the most adorable little fish:) #Hawaii  JB

I have cancelled my meeting with Judge Kavanaugh. , who is an unindicted co-conspirator in a criminal matter, does not deserve the courtesy of a meeting with his nominee—purposely selected to protect, as we say in Hawaii, his own okole.

Spread the word: You can register in person on Election Day in California, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota (no registration), Utah, Vermont, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

Trump knew within minutes no missile was hurtling toward Hawaii. He was golfing. They told him. He did not tweet out that info. He kept golfing. People thought they & their families were going to die FOR 38 MINS. Then when the panic was over he tweeted how media is so mean to him

Congratulations to Hawaii for winning the Little League World Series! You make America very proud. ??

I attended multiple high schools in 4yrs. Hawaii, Nashville and Pennsylvania. Everyone thought I was an undercover narc. True story. ??