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3 new Senators named. Hassan Yussuff (Ont.) is ex-president of the Canadian Labour Congress. Bernadette Clement (Ont.) is a lawyer and current mayor of Cornwall, Ontario. James Quinn was a senior member of the Canadian Coast Guard and CEO of the Saint John Port Authority. (NB).

The remarks are consistent with previous assertions by officials in Hassan Rouhani's pragmatist camp that Washington is prepared to make major concessions at the talks.

Spending funds to defend territories unhealthy and unacceptable’,  Hassan Bello#vanguardnews 

Spending funds to defend territories unhealthy and unacceptable’, Hassan Bello

I was vaguely aware that many New Democrats/Canada's left were uneasy about former CLC prez HassanYussuff's political leanings but -- holy cow -- my orange Twitter is completely trashing Yussuff in the wake of his appointment as a senator.


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The $15 minimum wage just failed, because 8 Democrats voted against it. The Democrats broke their promise. The Dems who voted no are: Joe Machin (WV) Jon Tester (MT) Jeanne Shaheen (NH) Maggie Hassan (NH) Angus King (ME) Kyrsten Sinema (AZ) Tom Carper (DE) Chris Coons (DE)

Our fighter jets, with the ISA, neutralized key figures of Hamas' intelligence: Hassan Kaogi, head of the Hamas military intelligence security department & his deputy Wail Issa, head of the military intelligence counterespionage department. Looks like our intel was better.

Sen. Maggie Hassan wouldn’t answer when I asked her why she voted against an effort to raise wage to $15. “I have long been supportive of increasing the minimum wage,” she said. I asked her what was wrong with this one, and her aide interjected and said she’s late for a meeting

Here are the numbers of people who make under $15 per hour in states of senators who voted no on the hike, as of 2019: Sinema: 839K Manchin: 229K Carper: 106K Coons: 106K Hassan: 146K Shaheen: 146K King: 158K Tester: 126K From this study I reported on:

The Senate Dems who voted against an effort to advance a federal minimum wage hike to $15 per hour: Manchin, King, Sinema, Carper, Coons, Tester, Hassan, Shaheen.

What happened to Yusuf Kolo? Bulama Bukarti@hudahuda10  , the lawyer who represented this family, says that no action was taken against Kolo or any of the other men responsible for the killing of Hassan. Instead, he says, Kolo was promoted to lead SARS at the HQ in Abuja.

There is no better example of this impunity than the case of Hassan and Auwalu Abdullahi Alfa. In 2014, a SARS officer in Kano was among those found to have tortured these men, who were falsely accused of armed robbery.

Beirut explosion latest: • Cause of blast remains unknown • Several officials quoted as saying explosives were being stored in warehouses at port • Prime Minister Hassan Diab declares Wednesday a "national day of mourning" Live updates:

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Rihanna and Hassan Jameel have reportedly broken up ?