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Hassan Diab said the country's atomic energy authority identified the substances as "nuclear" after reviewing a report by German company Combi Lift. #Nuclear  | #Lebanon  | #Oil 

Lebanon’s caretaker hassan diab'>Prime Minister Hassan Diab has ruled out reforming resigned Lebanese government

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On a salary worth less than $1,000 after the collapse of the local currency, Lebanon's caretaker prime minister Hassan Diab is keen to quit

“It is the only job in the world where you resign and then you’re stuck,” Hassan Diab told the Financial Times in an interview. Lebanon crisis: PM stuck in office on less than $1,000 a month via @FT 

Lebanon is in grave danger and the Lebanese are paying the price" Protests continue in Lebanon as caretaker PM Hassan Diab threatens to stop work

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#Lebanon caretaker PM Hassan Diab believes there are "some" who are behind the dramatic fall of the lira exchange rate to the dollar - aim is to worsen economic & social conditions to push people to take to the streets

Protests continue as Lebanon’s Hassan Diab threatens to stop work

#Lebanon caretaker hassan diab'>Prime Minister Hassan Diab threatened on Saturday to stop performing his duties to pressure politicians to form a new government, citing an incident in which shoppers fought over milk to illustrate the parlous state of the economy.

Hassan Diab addressed the nation as the currency continued its rapid collapse against the dollar, trading at one point at 10,500 #Lebanese  pounds on the black market for the first time in its history


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BREAKING: Lebanon's caretaker Prime Minister was charged with negligence for the explosion in Beirut. Hassan Diab and 3 ex-ministers are charged in the August blast that killed over 200 people and was sparked by explosive materials stored at the port for years.

Announcing the resignation of the entire cabinet, hassan diab'>Prime Minister Hassan Diab blamed decades of "systemic corruption" for Tuesday's deadly blast.

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Lebanon’s government resigned yesterday as PM Hassan Diab blamed endemic corruption for the devastating #Beirut  blast. Here's what you need to know 👇

BREAKING: "I declare today the resignation of this government." Lebanon's PM Hassan Diab announces the resignation of his gov't amid anger over the Beirut blast. Follow our LIVE blog for the latest 👉

BREAKING NEWS: Lebanon Prime Minister Hassan Diab announces resignation of entire Government following huge protests over Beirut explosion.

hassan diab'>Lebanon Prime Minister Hassan Diab announced his resignation Monday nearly a week after an explosion devastated Beirut and left at least 200 dead and 6,000 injured. “I declare today the resignation of this government. May God protect Lebanon,” Diab said.

Beirut explosion latest: • Cause of blast remains unknown • Several officials quoted as saying explosives were being stored in warehouses at port • hassan diab'>Prime Minister Hassan Diab declares Wednesday a "national day of mourning" Live updates:

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#UPDATE At least 78 killed and over 4,000 injured after two massive blasts rocked #Beirut , #Lebanon , said health officials. Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab has declared Wednesday a day of national mourning; Israel and Iraq will send medical teams for emergency assistance.

"Lebanon’s hassan diab'>Prime Minister Hassan Diab linked the explosions to dangerous stocks of chemicals that had been stored at the port since 2014, despite warnings from port officials that the material was not safe." #Beirut  @LizSly  @SarahDadouch  @leloveluck