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“Millions of Americans, in the cold and dark, say the lack of power is because of green energy policies and the vilification of oil, gas, and coal — the stuff that really keeps you warm,” Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner said.

Rachel Maddow Most-Watched in Cable News Friday, Boosting MSNBC to harris faulkner beats'>First; Harris Faulkner Beats Competition in Total Viewers

Fox News Segment Devolves Into Comedy of Errors as Harris Faulkner's Feed Cuts Out to Reveal Emily Compagno Applying Makeup

Fox News “hard news” anchor Harris Faulkner had a concerning amount of trouble comprehending the obvious satire of a ‘Time’ magazine illustration

Fox unveils new lineup: Bill Hemmer, Dana Perino, 9-11; Harris Faulkner 11-12; John Roberts, Sandra Smith, 1-3; Martha MacCallum, 3-4; Rotating opinion hosts at 7 until a permanent host is picked. Lot of strong players on the chessboard

Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner lashed out at Fox contributor Marie Harf after the liberal pundit accurately pointed out that the network had largely ignored Wednesday’s record-setting coronavirus death toll

"Faulkner’s father, retired Lt. Col. Bob Harris, served as a combat pilot for two tours in the Vietnam War." Patriot. Award-winning journalist Harris Faulkner credits ‘military brat’ upbringing for her success via @AmerMilNews 

‘That Was Offensive’: Harris Faulkner Calls Out Marie Harf For Taking ‘Shot’ Against Show

'That Was Offensive': Harris Faulkner Scolds Marie Harf for Calling Out Show Ignoring Record Covid Deaths


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Harris Faulkner Responds To Awkward Moment On ‘Outnumbered’ With Newt Gingrich

Congrats @HARRISFAULKNER ! “Harris Faulkner Gets a Bigger Spotlight at Fox News Channel

‘It’s A Yes Or No Question’: Harris Faulkner Challenges Marie Harf To Name One Republican-Led City Experiencing A Rise In Violence

The president of the United States demonstrated how little the past two weeks have changed him during a new interview with Fox host Harris Faulkner

Terrific new book out by the wonderful Harris Faulkner, “9 Rules of Engagement.” Harris shares lessons from a military family. Enjoy!

Harris Faulkner Stops Former Clinton Advisor Cold: ‘You Hit The Race Button Pretty Early In The Hour’ Harris Faulkner hosts "Outnumbered" on Fox News. #outnumberedfnc 

THANK YOU VIEWERS FOR TRUSTING ME. #humbled  "Fox News's Harris Faulkner scored the highest trust numbers at her network"

Harris Faulkner is on next! Her great new book is out now - 9 Rules of Engagement: A Military Brat's Guide to Life and Success

'Boom!’ Harris Faulkner kills backchannels to Russia story with one super SMART question – The Washington Post