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@davidmirandario  @OcasioIsACop ♥️ @JohannGottscha  @CollegeDemsofMA1 ♥️♥️♥️ That’s all they deserve. Love you so much and thank you for making my life so happy and building the family we built. Our marriage is the thing of which I’m proudest in life. Happy Father’s Day to the Best Father I know in the world, the one who taught me how to be one.

What a shame. My heart goes out to The family. I met Kelly once and she was so lovely and kind. John too. So generous. What a shame. Repost from therealkellypreston • Happy Father’s Day to the best one I know, we…

It’s someone’s bday. A man who is an amazing dad & incredible friend. A man who calls my dad before me on Father’s Day just so my dad can tell me how Nathan called him before me (“Nathan cares more” -George Mizanin) Hope u have the best bday HAPPY BIRTHDAY @NathanZegura 

A dear childhood friends dad has Covid-19. Symptoms are getting bad. It's his 69th birthday on the 15th. My friend didn’t get to say happy Fathers day, wont get to say happy birthday, and his dad hasn't met his granddaughter. Please take this seriously. Please wear a damn mask.

Today, we celebrate our Independence, our Freedoms, and our Founding Fathers - their foresight, bravery, and sacrifice - for giving birth to the freest and most prosperous nation the world has ever known. God has truly blessed this land. Happy Independence Day! USUS

Happy Independence Day! On this day 244 years ago, our founding fathers declared independence from the British and set in motion the events that would make the United States the greatest nation the world has ever known.

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Happy Independence Day! Our Founding Fathers gathered 244 years ago to sign the Declaration of Independence and with it, their lives, and fortunes. Their commitment to freedom still rings true just as loud as it did in 1776. May God continue to bless our great nation.

Happy Independence Day. Let’s honor the ideals of the founding fathers so there is liberty and justice for all people. Much Peace and Love. #LRZ 🐾

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Local official under fire for wishing Dr. Rachel Levine ‘happy Father’s Day’ on Facebook

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In response to Gov. Tom Wolf's "Happy Father's Day" message. Zack Cole, a Republican councilman who chairs Trafford’s public safety committee, replied: “Happy Father’s Day to Richard Levine as well.”


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Strong, compassionate, loving, gentle, kind, caring are some of the words I could describe my relationship with my father and I can go on and on... He is all that I am and all that I'm trying to be to my kids!! Happy Father’s Day Nanna♥️♥️ You are my way forward always🤗🤗

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Happy father's Day , the best gift ur father wud want from u is for u to live happily. Kids khush fathers khush....

Papa, I made this for you. Thank you for showing me what love is and for showing me how to be loved. I will always be your little girl ❤️ te amo mucho papa, thank you for being my hero, happy Father’s Day. ❤️❤️❤️

Happy Father’s Day Dad! And to all the Dads out there and those that are no longer here. This day means even more to me now in the last few years than ever before. I truly appreciate everything you have ever done for me thank you for raising me right ❤️ x

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happy father’s day to harry styles only

This family’s reaction to their blind Uncle hitting a free throw on his first try — is the Twitter content I’m here for. Happy Father’s Day.🌎❤️🏀

Happy Father’s Day to all, including my worst and most vicious critics, of which there are fewer and fewer. This is a FANTASTIC time to be an American! KEEP AMERICA GREAT!

What's your moma name? RT @KingTralle : Even tho you don't claim me happy fathers day@ochocinco 

Happy Mother's Day and special shout out to all the single mothers and fathers out there who have both shoes to fill AND still hold their own like my mom ?? #Respect 

just wana say a happy fathers day to roberto horianio! let the good times roll bob!