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"If you'd ask me this question a year ago, I would say if we have 10 things to worry about, I'd worry about inflation last," says former hank paulson'>Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson. "But we're entering unprecedented, people use that word unprecedented a lot."

Even on zoom it’s cool to hear Hank Paulson and Bill Gates chat it up

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Congrats to @AkshayDeswal8 who correctly identified the crime syndicate I mean bank Citigroup $C. Akshay wins a copy of the Hank Paulson book, "My Buddies Were On The Brink Of Losing All Their Money Until I Gave Them $700 Billion "

In 2008 and 2009, we had a chance to fix some stuff, but because applying capitalism to Wall Street would've bankrupted Lloyd Blankfein, John Mack & some other Hank Paulson cronies, we just ramped up the kleptocracy. I have about 50,000 tweets on this topic if you're interested.

So here we are, 12+ years later, and we still get Hank Paulson, Larry Summers, Janet Yellen, Ben Bernanke & other failed-regulator kleptocracy all-stars regularly trotted out to opine for our media, and get drooled on by our corrupt Congress, left and right. It's kind of a drag.

Ok, so I often research my jokes, so I went with "mess" - but other sources say a group of iguanas is a "slaughter." Any herpetologists out there, besides Hank Paulson?

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Former Treasury secretary Hank Paulson says the Paris climate agreement needs to focus on the biggest economies rather than all of them


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Sheryl Sandberg (billionaire), Hank Paulson (probably a billionaire), Bob Rubin (9-figures) and Tim Geithner (multi-millionaire) laugh about income inequality back in 2015.

During the 2008 financial crisis, Hank Paulson worked tirelessly for a smooth transition after Obama’s victory, including leaving the decision on how to use the remainder of TARP $ up to Obama. Mnuchin is playing with fire here, just like his boss.

"I immediately sought out advice from Bob Rubin." That's how House Democratic Ways and Means leader Richard Neal describes how he and Pelosi put together the bailout. Don't worry, he also asked Hank Paulson. Gotta get both co-CEOs of Goldman.

Hank Paulson helped steer the U.S. out of the 2008 financial crisis as treasury secretary. To get through today's crisis, he says, "we've got to get money moving out into the economy to the people who need it."

Increasingly feels like the fall of '08 when Bush disappeared and Hank Paulson became a kind of defacto president/crisis-manager. (I'm not complaining)

Lots of interesting guests at Mnuchin’s dinner at Treasury for emir of Qatar: —Trump —Mulvaney —Ivanka, Jared —Dina Powell —Hank Paulson —Mike Crapo —Tom Barrack —Bob Kraft —Stan Kroenke —David Rubenstein —Steve Roth —Citigroup CEO Michael Corbat —Wells Fargo CEO C. Allen Parker.

Among the people expected at @stevenmnuchin1 ’s dinner for the emir of Qatar tonight: @realDonaldTrump , Bob Kraft, Stan Kroenke, Ron Burkle, Dina Powell, Michael Ovitz, David Rubenstein and Hank Paulson.

Tim Geithner, Ben Bernanke, and Hank Paulson argue in the New York Times that our main political problem is insufficient authority to bail out banks. I mean, just, speechless.

Hank Paulson says what he finds "particularly appalling" about Trump is that he won't promise to cut social programs

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Must read from Hank Paulson: Trump is a bad businessman, and would be a terrible president