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Disclaimer: getting a super cool costume doesn't mean you have to go out, obviously 😛 Zoom/Hangouts party anyone?

Looks like the perfect day to get outside for lunch 😎 These patios are perfect for social distancing hangouts with friends

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We added details last night from people who were on the call. It's not that surprising that the call just kept going. Most people on Zoom or hangouts seem to be looking at something else -- Twitter, Slack, emails. And not everyone uses gallery view.

Google told The Verge that when Google Fi transitions from Hangouts to Google Messages, it won't work completely unless you turn off RCS. This is the most Google problem of all time.

HANGOUTS is now CHAT. CHAT part of GMAIL. GMAIL is NOT part of CHAT. HANGOUTS is no longer part of ANYTHING. Hope this helps.

What is missing without office life? Spontaneous collaboration. Agencies are trying out different ways to get creative juices flowing while they work from home, like “brainstorms by bike” sessions and virtual coffee hangouts.

Google will let everyone migrate from Hangouts to Chat for free in 2021 Djxq6hTLSj#WallSt 

hangouts'>Google Hangouts is getting shuttered. Now you're going to be using Google Chat. Does this make Google's messaging apps less confusing?


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I always have these weird talks and hangouts with @luke5sos  every night which ends up with me in his bed... #whyarewebestfriends 

Catch up with Players and Legends with our Exclusive "Hangouts". So far we've spoken to Pogba, Lingard, Mata & Grant, with many more to come! Download Now!

Here are some helpful #HangoutsMeet  tips we’ve heard from educators teaching remotely. Do you have other tips for helping students stay engaged when learning remotely? Share below 👇 and find more tips on using Hangouts for #DistanceLearning :

Your teens may say they NEED to see their friends, but #socialdistancing  says they NEED to use virtual hangouts. Keep your teens away from group gatherings and the malls to help stop the spread of #COVID19 . For more info:

We’ve made international calls to France free via Hangouts. #ParisAttacks  Android→RLNSn2HPHd iOS→

We love our #TNSquad  hangouts! It's been magical ✨✨ What a night to be together! LOVE LOVE LOVE. #SoProudOfTay  #ACMawards50 

Call me maybe? Free voice calls via Hangouts, now available on Android, iOS and the web →

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