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These two women just became the first residents of Rio de Janeiro to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. 200k+ Brazilians have died as a result of COVID-19, but the country only has 6M vaccine doses on hand for a nation of 213M

"Financial health, mental health, physical health – the reality is they're all linked together.” – CEO Brian Moynihan Brian and other CEOs discuss how equitable health goes hand in hand with economic opportunity & #racialequality . #AHACEORoundtable 

They provide a helping hand wherever it is needed, be it drought, COVID-19, finances or family violence.

@mtroberts  @sarahcprHere 's how to Fold Fitted Sheets: Important - Fold while standing UP. Think of EACH corner as a "mitten ". Place one hand into two ADJOINING mittens (corners). Part 1 - continued...

@mtroberts  @sarahcprPart  2 Now, place one corner over the other, that is on the other hand. Example: Left hand does not move, while the right hand peels that corner off your R. hand & places it on top of your "mittened " left hand. So now, one corner a.k.a. mitten, is inside the other. Part 3 cont

Kyle Rittenhouse's bond conditions modified after prosecutors said he was seen using white power hand symbols with Proud Boys members at a bar #WallSt 

The presidential inauguration gift shop in downtown Washington already has a Bernie cutout, I learned first hand today.

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SNP ministers have been accused of years of delay over plans to hand more powers to the Scottish SPCA


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I was just handed a 479-page tax bill a few hours before the vote. One page literally has hand scribbled policy changes on it that can’t be read. This is Washington, D.C. at its worst. Montanans deserve so much better.

The hand recount taking place in Georgia is a waste of time. They are not showing the matching signatures. Call off the recount until they allow the MATCH. Don’t let the Radical Left Dems STEAL THE ELECTION!

Today's sham hearing – on a holiday, 22 days from Election Day, during a COVID-19 outbreak in the Judiciary Committee with a likely-exposed Chairman who won't get tested – shows just how far the GOP will go to steal another Supreme Court seat & hand our courts over to extremists.

Trump’s hand-picked successor to Justice Ginsburg’s seat makes it clear: they intend to destroy the Affordable Care Act & overturn Roe. This selection would move the court further right for a generation & harm millions of Americans. I strongly oppose Judge Barrett’s nomination.

Absentee Ballots are fine. A person has to go through a process to get and use them. Mail-In Voting, on the other hand, will lead to the most corrupt Election is USA history. Bad things happen with Mail-Ins. Just look at Special Election in Patterson, N.J. 19% of Ballots a FRAUD!

you are doing your best with the hand you've been dealt... keep going, you got this ??✨?

I can imagine no other president in my lifetime failing to address the nation in a prime time speech during a crisis such as this. On the other hand, I cannot imagine another president whose words would be less welcome by so many of his fellow citizens.

We will not let hate win. And, another reason to carry hand sanitizer.

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When we say it's time to provide health care to all our people, we're told we can't afford it. But if the stock market is in trouble, no problem! The government can just hand out $1.5 trillion to calm bankers on Wall Street.