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For anyone not from Chicago that's next to Water Tower mall & the Hancock. Down the street from Northwestern hospital. The whole area is 100% a major shopping district, tourist destination & closes for about 4 hours between last call at the bars & the start of rush hour

The changes to the Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) (No.3) Regulations 2020 were made as part of a review of the third lockdown by hancock'>Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary, earlier this month.

hancock'>Matt Hancock praises free school meals before being reminded he voted against them

The government’s chief scientific adviser criticised hancock'>Matt Hancock for suggesting that vaccines would be 50 per cent less effective against the South African variant of coronavirus.


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. @PHE_uk  is under direct control of HancockMP' alt='MattHancockMP' /'>@MattHancockMP . If it has failed, he has failed. The National Institute for Health Protection is simply the Health Protection Agency we used to have before it was merged in @PHE_uko  in 2012 with 40% budget cuts. Hancock will still be in charge

After Matt Hancock asks Premier League footballers to donate their wages to help fight coronavirus, some wonder if he should ask the UK’s hedge fund owners, tax-dodging FTSE 100 companies and non-domiciled Russian oligarchs to do the same.

Under cover of a crisis, hancock'>Health Secretary Matt Hancock has struck a secret deal with US tech giants to deliver a "COVID-19 data store". This will be the biggest, most sinister handover of personal NHS patient data to private firms ever. Speak out now.

I get the idea that Health secretary hancock'>Matt Hancock thinks he’s a lot more intelligent than he actually is. Always very smug and slippery. Excuse me but Matt you’ve had a major howler here and it’s about time you handed facts out instead of worrying about what the opposition thinks

hancock'>Matt Hancock announces all stable doors to be closed in 10 days' time.

Hancock destroying the last remnants of his reputation live on TV as he demands we all carry on obeying the rules but also vehemently defends Cummings who made those rules & repeatedly broke them. Shameful & shameless. 👇

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BREAKING: hancock'>Matt Hancock hits his 100k-a-day target after getting Priti Patel to read out the number.

hancock'>Matt Hancock how dare you try to deflect blame for inadequate PPE supplies by insinuating overuse by NHS staff is the problem Lecturing them that it’s a “precious resource” is unforgivable -those putting lives on line know its value -get your act together

I wish I was a player for 10 more mins.The PL players are more than likely working on a proposal to help clubs , communities and The NHS. It takes longer than 2 weeks to put together. hancock'>Matt Hancock calling them out when he can’t get tests in place for NHS staff is a f@@@ @g  cheek!

Even the Health Secretary, hancock'>Matt Hancock, admitted he couldn't survive on £94 a week Statutory Sick Pay that self-employed people are supposed to live on. The government is protecting incomes for employees. It must do the same for self-employed, agency and zero hours workers.