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A massive explosion in Beirut's port area caused a "very high number of injuries," says Lebanon's health minister. What we know: ▪️ Shattered high-rise windows, collapsed balconies; Hamra shopfronts destroyed ▪️ Unconfirmed reports of a 2nd blast ▪️ Casualties are unknown

A fellow Lebanese has committed suicide today in Hamra, Beirut due to the harsh economic situation. He left behind this note saying "I'm not a blasphemer" with a copy of his clean criminal record. 😢

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Lebanese army intelligence stops two journalists from conducting interviews on Beirut's Hamra St., saying they need permits.

Army bars journalists from reporting on Beirut’s Hamra Street, citing permit regulations

Army bars journalists from reporting on Beirut’s Hamra Street, citing permit regulations via @CPJMENA 

Lebanese authorities should allow journalists to report from #Beirut ’s Hamra street and other public areas in the country without seeking prior approval.

Army bars journalists from reporting on Beirut’s Hamra Street, citing permit regulations - Committee to Protect Journalists // those in power turning #Lebanon  long known as “oasis for freedom of expression in Middle East” into police state

Two men committed suicide on Friday in despair at Lebanon's collapsing economy. One man shot himself in front of the Dunkin' Donuts on Beirut's Hamra Street. "He killed himself because of hunger."

hamra'>Rasha Hamra, Health Education Director, LB Ministry of Health, said #Lebanon  's national plan aims to speed up #COVID19  preparedness and response activities. The plan is based on robust surveillance and a well prepared isolation unit at the biggest public hospital in Beirut.

Two men committed suicide today in #Lebanon  due to hunger and the economic crisis. One killed himself outside of Dunkin' Donuts in Hamra in Beirut & left a copy of his clean criminal record on his chest with the words "I am not a nonbeliever " #انا_مش_كافر


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At today's WHO Information Session, the following Health Ministers and Representatives shared their countries' #COVID19  experiences and lessons learned: PHMyrna CabotajeLBhamra'>Rasha HamraRUMikhail MurashkoNEIdi Illiassou MainassaraGYVolda Lawrence

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Hamra, Tuesday evening. This song, I can’t get it out of my head. #Lebanon  #Egypt 

^^ This is Hamra, the busiest shopping street in Beirut on Saturday afternoon, the busiest shopping day of the week.

VIDEO: ?? Protesters in Lebanon's capital #Beirut  vandalised several banks in the city's central Hamra neighbourhood overnight, after two nights of violent anti-government demonstrations

Refugee Syrian woman next to her children sleeping on Hamra Street in Beirut on Aug. 29, 2014. AFP Photo, Anwar Amro

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God bless my lovely country Lebanon. So grateful the security forces stopped the attack on Hamra. We are safe because of you

PHOTOS: Another hospital hit in #Syria  over night. This time a children's hospital in hamra'>Kafr Hamra - @yahya_93n 

VIDEO: Opposition fighter films himself under incendiary bombardment in hamra'>Kafr Hamra last night #Syria  - @bm21_grad