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How much has the 5th district, especially Hamilton County, actually changed politically? Here's what we know about the breakdown of Hamilton County votes:

Four Hamilton County school board races within 100 votes, HSE candidate to ask for recount

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Democrat Charmaine McGuffey won the Hamilton County Sheriff's race. With 99% of the counted, McGuffey lead Republican Bruce Hoffbauer by 17,000 votes, 52% to 48%.

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Republicans in Hamilton County have struggled for votes in recent elections. But they're doing fine financially.

@LACaldwellDC  on Judge Barrett’s confirmation process: “What the Democrats are doing to disrupt the proceedings are most symbolic.” “They keep thinking of ‘Hamilton,’ saying ‘we just don’t have the votes.’”

EARLY VOTING IN FULL SWING: Voters in Tennessee are turning out in large numbers to cast their votes early for the upcoming presidential elections. We have links to the Hamilton County locations as well as other counties to help you find your polling place

Hamilton Southeastern board votes for grades 5 to 12 to start hybrid schedule this month

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Hamilton's board of health votes to make public mask wearing mandatory indoors | CBC News#HamOnt 

“As Hamilton put it, the greatest danger is turning impeachment into a question of who has the most votes in which house.” -Alan Dershowitz

Hamilton said the greatest danger of impeachment would b depriving a president of due process & using it politically by the party that has the most votes in the House. Dems r creating impeachable offenses out of thin air & r the Founders' worst nightmare.

Early voting started in Florida and "Hamilton" composer Lin-Manuel Miranda, alongside the Hispanic Federation, is trying to make sure that the growing Puerto Rican population that settled in the state casts votes ahead of the Nov. 6 midterm elections

SPOTY votes Murray 361,446 Sinfield 278,353 Ennis-Hill 79,898 Fury 72,330 Hamilton 48,379 Froome 39,007 Farah 31,311 ...

He scored a penalty at half-time during Hamilton Academical v Celtic. Jay's goal received a staggering 97 PERCENT of the votes #SSNHQ 

#SPOTY votes: 1) Hamilton 209,920, 2) McIlroy 123,745, 3) Pavey 99,913, 4) Dujardin 75,814, 5) Gallagher/Evans 35,871

Lewis Hamilton won Sports Personality with 209,920 votes, more than 80,000 ahead of runner-up Rory McIlroy. 620,932 votes cast #SPOTY 

#SPOTY votes 1-10 Hamilton 209,920 McIlroy 123,745 Pavey 99,913 Dujardin 75,814 Gallagher/Evans 35,871